Revisiting educational travel opportunities


The next cultural immersion trip occurs in the summer of 2016 when a group of Marian students and faculty will travel to Cambodia and Thailand. Thereafter, due to shifting liability and safety concerns, cul- tural immersion trips will be planned every other year.


“I want to go on the trip to Germany and Austria. I’ve always been interested in World War II stuff and I want to visit the museums. I think that would be interesting.” -Anna Nulty ’17

“I feel like a lot of thought and research went into this, and I’m really excited for these trips,” Principal Susie Sullivan said.

Marian is not in a position to take on additional risks related to students’ well-be- ing during travel. Additionally, the cost of insurance to cover Marian for these risks is increasing. Global safety concerns are on the rise as demonstrated by recent attacks in Paris and Mali. In a worst-case scenario, Marian students and their families could get locked into paying for a trip that gets cancelled due to world conflicts outside of anyone’s control.

Marian girls can get excited about the next educational travel opportunity. In the summer of 2018, Marian girls will be offered a chance to travel to Austria and Germany.

Service trips will also be affected by the new considerations. The week-long Winnebago Indian Reservation service trip will still be offered each summer.


“If I could go anywhere, I would go to a Spanish-speaking country. It’s exciting because I would be with my freinds and see new cultures.” -Paige Patton ’19

“I think that this service trip is special because it’s so close to home and it really opened our eyes to the poverty and suffering that exists only a few hours away,” senior Mairin Rochford, a 2015 trip alum, said.

Although the Dominican Republic service trips sponsored by the Institute of Latin American Concern at Creighton University will continue, they will occur every other summer starting in 2016. This development caused some concern among students who have taken the trip.

The next International Servite School Network (ISSN) trip will be offered to stu- dents during the summers when there will be no Dominican Republic trip. The next ISSN trip is in the planning stage now, and may result in a week of service in England, Australia, or France.


“I heard about the Thailand and Cambodia trip. It would be cool to see and new place and learn new things.” -Abby Mahoney ’19

Sullivan has encouraged the faculty to look into other travel opportunities and educational experiences offered within the United States.

“I have encouraged faculty to look into Harvard Model Congress in Boston and Model United Nations, which is held in New York,” Sullivan said.

Many Marian teachers have arranged for such trips in prior years, and with Sulllivan’s encouragement, similar educational travel opportunities may expand.

The revamped Marian travel opportunities are here to stay and will continue to educate girls on life skills that cannot be learned in classrooms.


“I would go anywhere, but I’d love to go to England” -Kayla Coughlin ’18

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