Mama D does more than dance



Mrs. Michelle Delisi ’74

Mrs. Michelle Delisi ’74 is the organization queen and backbone of the school. From coaching the Dance Team to arranging almost all of the events held at Marian, Delisi shines as Marian High School’s Assistant to the Principal.

Delisi is a secret Superwoman. “I’m used to the craziness of my job; I don’t know what I would do if I had a normal 8-to-5 job,” Delisi said. Aside from handling Marian’s calendar, Delisi manages to find time to coach the Varsity Dance Team and the Pantomime Troupe, teach Ballet and Tap, choreograph the musical, be the production manager for the musical and play, and handle every odd job in between.

Delisi wants to give each and every Marian girl the compassion she felt as a student. “She’s always there for us if she feels we have a problem, and she always wants us to do our best. She stresses that she’s our second mom, and she wants us to come to her with any issues we have, personal or on Dance Team. Mama D really is like a second mom to the whole team,” junior Amalea Poulos, Dance Team member, said.

To stay organized, Delisi keeps a master timeline of every event she needs to put together. “I make notes everywhere, and then at the end of the school year, I go and update [the timeline], and I start fresh in June. This is what I live by; this calendar does not leave my desk,” Delisi said.

Delisi even has a timeline for graduation that is almost as intense as her yearly timeline. Somehow, only Mrs. Susie Sullivan ’80 and she are organizing it. “In a nutshell, I make sure everything runs, and runs smoothly,” Delisi said.

Not only does Delisi organize student activities, she also puts together a Christmas tea for the teachers and runs the Hospitality Committee. “If I had to pick a favorite thing about being the assistant, it would be organizing the events for the faculty and staff, like the
Christmas party and tea. I also love being liaison

to the parent groups; they’re so appreciative, and they love doing what they do. I feel like they have such a great relationship with them, and it’s such a fun job to work with the parents,” Delisi said.

Marian’s staff members appreciate all the hard work Delisi does for them. Her kindness goes beyond the school walls for many teachers. “She helped my husband and I learn our first dance for our wedding reception. She met us

after hours in the gym, and she knew my husband because he was in the musical at [Creighton] Prep, and she taught us how to dance to it,” English teacher Mrs. Amy Bauman ’92 said.

“She was at our reception; she said we did fine, but I don’t really believe that. It’s just really sweet.” Bauman said.

Delisi works hard to give students the Marian experience they all deserve. “I love the interaction with the students; you guys just give me such great energy, and you make the job worth it. You make it fun. You make it not seem like a job,” Delisi said.



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