Uniform dependency only slightly concerning


Daylight savings rolls around, and suddenly, everyone is a morning person just because they got an extra hour of sleep.

I get the luxury of feeling that way every morning. The answer is very simple: sleep in your uniform. I’m not just talking about your shirt and the shorts you wear under your skirt. I’m talking full on shirt, sweater, shorts, skirt, socks, and if you’re really looking for that extra minute of sleep; shoes.

Okay, you probably shouldn’t sleep in shoes, but no judgment. (If you try that, get back to me, and let me know how it goes.)

My genius discovery happened junior year, when I stayed up too late studying for a government test and needed those extra few minutes of sleep. I’m sure a study exists that confirms getting an extra four minutes of sleep feels about the equivalent to an entire hour, or something like that.

My uniform and I have really bonded over the past year or so. It molds perfectly to my body, and I know every rip, loose button, and bleach stain on each of my polos and skirts. I don’t know what I would do without my beloved plaid skirt and blue polo. We spend 16 hours a day together, if not more.

If that’s not a committed relation- ship, I’m not sure what is. It’s been right there with me through both my best and darkest times. Who needs a shoulder to cry on when you have 60 percent polyester and 40 percent cotton there to catch every tear while watching “Grey’s Anatomy” season finales?

I’ve found myself relying on my uniform more than I should, and
I am beginning to worry as college approaches that I am going to suffer from separation anxiety. After the two weeks of free dress from Walk-A- Thon, I have realized that my uniform exceeds sweatpants and a sweatshirt in terms of comfort level. In fact, I ended up choosing to wear my uni- form over free dress the majority of those days.

Sleeping in my uniform does have its repercussions. At some point after school, my mom usually has to pry it off me so it gets washed. For the sake of myself and peers, that’s probably for the best.

Those couple hours of separation are completely worth it when I put my uniform back on, fresh out of the dryer, just in time for bed.

Call me crazy, but I would be completely lost without my uniform. After 12 years of wearing one, I can’t imagine life without it. The only thing better than wearing a uniform to school is sleeping in it. I truly believe that sleeping in my uniform decreases my stress level to some degree.

Tonight, when you’re all tucked in, remember that math test you need to be well rested for, put on your skirt and polo, and go to bed knowing that you just saved yourself three to five minutes of beauty sleep.

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