Feminism projects idea of equality



Image source HuffingtonPost.com

When some people hear “feminism,” they think of irrational women who despise men. Ask any feminist and find out that this is simply not the case.

“Feminism is not a dirty word. It does not mean you hate men, it does not mean you hate girls that have nice legs and a tan … It means you believe in equality,” English singer, songwriter, musician, and actress Kate Nash said.

Both men and women can proudly call themselves feminists. Women face persecution for their gender every day. Whether it is unequal pay or harassment, women and girls can counteract this by joining together and expressing that women are just as capable as men.

However, women are not better than men, either. “I was walking to my car (after work) and a group of guys came over and started shouting at me and circling me. Luckily my male coworker was watching from the window, and he ran outside. He said he couldn’t believe I wouldn’t be safe at 3 p.m., and I told him I was used to it. This is why we need feminism, not only because of the people who treat us like objects, but because the decent ones don’t know what we are going through,” junior Gwendolyn Johnson said.

According to “The Huffington Post” 2013 article “Few Identify as Feminists, but Most Believe in Equality of Sexes,” it is shown that 82 percent of survey respondents said they believe in social, political, and economic equality between the sexes. 

However, only 20 percent call themselves feminists. Why, if they believe in the definition of feminism, do they not consider themselves feminists? This is most likely because, in that same 2013 “Huntington Post” article, it is also stated that 37 percent of Americans believe the word “feminist” has a negative connotation. Whether this is because of poor education or just the impact of anti-feminists is unclear. However, if people can educate themselves on the issues surrounding feminism and what feminists truly believe in, the opinion of feminists can turn around, and the fight for equality can continue.

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