Staff Speaks: Targeting our compassion towards refugees


statue of liberty copy

Cartoon by Elsie Stormberg

Should we let refugees into America? Many of us truly do not know the answer to such a dynamic issue. From our elected officials all the way down to our next door neighbors, we cannot seem to agree on a “right” answer.

It does not come down to one or another political party being wrong; it comes down to moral standards and human decency.

The United States was founded on the idea of religious freedom, so why shouldn’t we accept those eeing from religious persecution? Understandably, it’s hard to grasp this concept; most of us haven’t looked war or persecution in the face.

A majority of Americans go to school every day without a second thought. Some might even argue with their parents to let them skip a day. We seldom realize how good we have it, especially at Marian, where we ideally welcome everyone as if they’re family, as one of our many “sisters.”

Some girls may not realize it, but they are walking the same halls, taking the same classes, and participating in the same activities as girls who are refugees. Where would we, as a sister- hood, be if we did not allow refugees to attend Marian? Most of us can trace our own heritage to refugee roots.

As a Marian girl, you are taking a pledge to live out the six core values in everything you do in life. This includes compassion. We can express our compassion by being open to letting refugees not only into Nebraska, but also into this country.

If, as a society, we extended our compassion toward all others despite the chance of personal risk, refugees will have a chance at stability. It is possible for them to call the United States “home” if we are willing to accept them as one of our own. If the refugees are willing to become contributing members of society, then we should welcome them with open arms.

The idea of spreading compassion is easier said than done. Some might be worried about possible terrorist threats. This is a completely plausible thing to worry about, but targeting refugees makes them a scapegoat. It does not matter where a person is from; if they have intentions to commit an act of terrorism, they will.

Aside from the accusation of being terrorists, refugees face other obsta- cles. Some elected o cials feel that our government has spent too much money helping refugees. Americans fear refugees and immigrants will take their jobs. This implies that unless you are a natural-born United States citizen, you are not entitled to a job or the same rights as those who are.

Refugees know what they are getting themselves into when they choose to immigrate to the United States. They know what they have to go through to become a legal citizen. They want their safety guaranteed as much as we do.

The answer to the question “Should we let the refugees in?” should not be a question at all. We are the next gen- eration, the changemakers in society. Our generation’s ideals are unique, and our parents and political leaders alike have noticed this.

We have a better understanding that morals trump politics. That is an idea that has been ingrained in our psyche ever since we were freshman. As Marian girls with good moral and ethical standards, we know that show- ing our compassion for others is more important than political policies or potential risks.

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