Walk-A- Thon donations benefit more than Marian students


Marian_Regina_LogoAfter students surpassed the school’s Walk-A-Thon (WAT) goal by 81 percent, senior Madalyn McKeone was astonished. “When I first heard about it, I knew there was no way that we could keep all that money,” McKeone said.

Inspired by her older sister Emily McKeone ’05 , a Peace Corps volun- teer who spent time in Zambia, Madalyn pitched to Principal Mrs. Susie Sullivan ’80 the idea of donating any extra money collected.

Before she knew it, Madalyn received news from Sullivan that $4,000 of WAT money will be donated to the Congolese chapter of the Servants of Mary.

“[They’re] the closest Servite connection with the most need,” Spanish teacher and Student Board moderator Sr. Andrew Bauer said. The money will go towards building a much needed hospital in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

“I think it’s really important to donate the money that we didn’t anticipate having and using it to help another cause,” Madalyn said. The significance of this donation largely stems from the student body’s compassion towards others. “I think it is the natural byproduct of students wanting to say ‘Hey, we raised so much money, but we don’t need it all. Can we give some of it?’” Bauer said.

Madalyn also noticed this attitude among her fellow classmates. “I think a lot of other students thought it and wanted to say something about it,” Madalyn said.

Now, students who participated in WAT fundraising will not only contribute to their beloved school, but also to a Servite community effort oceans away. “Our core values are community and service, and I don’t imagine someone in the Marian community not donating extra money to a cause that needs it,” Madalyn said.

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