Slam Poetry encourages individuality


Marian Slam Poetry is a unique club that allows girls the opportunity to explore and express individuality through poetry. It is officially a three-year-old club, but it often flies under the radar of all the other clubs and activities offered at Marian.

Slam Poetry is not only a club offered at Marian, but it is a unique experience that allows individuals to learn about themselves. This team of individuals expresses its thoughts and feelings through poetry. Each person selects a topic of interest, and then begins her own unique writing preparations.

The group meets on Tuesdays at 3:30 p.m., under the guidance of a Louder Than a Bomb (LTaB) coach Ms. Lindsey Baker and in-school moderator Ms. Adriana Magistro. Together, they create and share their poetry in order to work out the kinks, create captivating presentations, and practice forms of self-expression.

The meetings have a free flowing atmosphere where someone can offer up whatever they have written in their notebook that week and get advice. Right now, the poets are choosing their individual and group pieces that they want to present in competitions.

Because of all of the outside practice hours, senior Natalie Ashbrook is most excited for the upcoming competitions. The competitions take place in March and April. Marian competes in three bouts, unless they make it to the semfinals.

Marian’s Slam Poetry team participates in competitions as a part of LTaB, which is a poetry league that consists of bouts between contestants from Nebraska, Iowa, and Kansas.

“The best part of competition is being able to share a piece of yourself and then having someone come up to you and connect with what you said,” Ashbrook said.

It takes a long time to prepare for a poetry performance, with lots of writing, rewriting, and stress. Sophomore Julia Veik understands the time and the effort it takes to craft just the right poem.

“I usually spend a lot of time just doing free write … the best time for me to write is at night in one sitting, but if I don’t get it [the poem] done, then I lose my train of thought,” Veik said.

The Slam Poetry team has evolved from a small group of about 12 members to a club well-recognized by the Marian student body. One of their appearances was to students in the Thanksgiving prayer service, during which they composed and presented a group piece on gratitude.

4_12_16 RS Poetry Club:After School (KM):Class25

Poetry SLAM Club met after school in April for a group photo.  Photo by Rachel Sedlacek/Yearbook.

Members of the poetry team have discovered that presenting their own work means overcoming sweaty palms, but that it is worth the snaps of the audience. They are open and accepting of all, and they would love to welcome anyone interested in sharing their original poems.

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