Extra day leads to creative planning


This day only occurs once every four years. It is a holiday originally celebrated in Ireland and was created by St. Patrick. Also, he deemed the day acceptable for women to propose to men. By now, you are “bound” to have already guessed it. Leap Day, a longstanding Irish tradition, is the extra day added onto the short month of February. The original question was, “What are you planning to do on your extra day?” That was quickly trumped by school happening that day. Many were hoping for Surprise Day or praying for some extra sleep. Others have already made plans in advance for this extra day.

Sophomore Maria Determan explained what her original plans
were for the day. “We have a group of people who go to Shakespeare on the Green every summer. There are about 10 of us and then a friend of my mom takes us every year. We decided, since we are an odd, eclectic group of people, to get together on an odd day. We were going to get together and watch the movie ‘Leap Year’ and have a sleepover,” Determan said. Remembering school was that day, they quickly had to alter their plans. “Our plans got cancelled, but we are going to do it a different day sometime in March,” Determan said.

Many students are also planning on having tryouts that day for spring sports.

“I am trying out for tennis that day,” freshman Peggy McGowan said. With the luck of the Irish on this holiday and years of playing behind her, she is not so nervous. “I’m not as nervous because I have been playing since kindergarten. I played intramurals at Happy Hollow Country Club,” McGowan said.

However, others do not have many plans. “I have not really thought about it, but I don’t know for sure,” freshman Lydia Hogan said.

Considering this day only happens once every four years, it tends to be hard to celebrate your birthday. Although no Marian students were born on this day, they will be celebrating with relatives and friends. Junior Emma Shoemaker said how a family friend commemorates his birthday. “A family friend usually celebrates his on March 1,” Shoemaker said.

Some even go by their actual age. “An old friend from elementary school is 3 this year,” sophomore Delaney Gunn said.

Having an extra day is a chance to do something creative or experience something new, such as a concert.

Freshman Reina Flores and her best friend Chloe Farrara planned back in November to go to a Hoodie Allen concert. “We don’t know because we have school now. It was supposed to be the half day for freshman registration, but then it got moved, so we are trying to figure out what we are going to do,” Flores said. The concert was general admission and was at Sokol Arena.

Another example of something fun to do is what sophomore Catherine Franco is planning. “I’m getting my ears double pierced,” Franco said.

At the end of the day, this holiday is a day to do something adventurous and exhilarating. It is a day that anything can happen, even a woman being able to propose to someone. It does not matter what is planned; it matters how you are able to appreciate it. Junior Audrey Lane summed it up nicely. “I will be enjoying my life and being grateful for the extra day,” Lane said.

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