Students express individuality through collections


To say Marian girls are passionate would be an understatement. Whether it’s a love for the musical, a sports team, or a stack of warm three-for-$1 cookies, each student’s passions contribute to Marian’s one-of-a-kind atmosphere. What students might not be aware of are the hobbies their peers have outside the walls of Marian. One way girls express these unique interests is through collections.

Many students value finding something that sparks their interest and starting a collection. Senior McKenna Simpson has been collecting stickers since she was 6. Over the years, Simpson has acquired approximately 2,200 stickers, each with its own special story. “I didn’t like using stickers because you can’t use them again, so I decided to keep them all,” Simpson said.

One of her favorites is from Romeo’s Mexican Food and Pizza that she got after losing her first tooth. The sticker is a picture of Bugs Bunny and says, “Ain’t I a stinker?” Simpson has saved stickers from the doctor’s office, concerts, fifth grade teachers, and more.

While Simpson’s collection has accumulated over many years, junior Grace McMinn started her collection more recently.

McMinn began collecting dead flowers during her freshman year. “Each [ flower] stands for something different,” McMinn said. Her flowers represent various accomplishments throughout high school, particularly achievements in golf and tennis. McMinn also saves and dries flowers from her parents’ anniversaries. She displays them on her desk and in various vases around her room.

“If you have something that’s meaningful in your life, it’s important to document it,” McMinn said. She believes that saving owers from events is the perfect way to document signi cant moments throughout high school.

Freshman Clara Roth also has a collection that represents a part of her life. At 8, she started collecting snow globes. Her collection began when she traveled to different parts of Florida, but couldn’t keep all the names straight. She decided to buy snow globes so she could remember the name of each place she visited.

Roth’s collection has grown considerably over the years, and she has reached 20 snow globes from vacations, her dad’s work trips, and her aunt who lives in London. Her favorite snow globe is from Dublin, Ireland, because it represents her favorite vacation. Snow globes are symbolic of Roth’s travels, and she plans to continue her collection as she visits new places.

Many collections are specfically for display, but sophomore Makayla Sedlacek’s collection of Bath & Body Works mini hand sanitizers can be put to use. Sedlacek has collected 107 mini hand sanitizers since she was in sixth grade. She noticed she had quite a few and decided to continue adding to her collection.

Sedlacek, a longtime and diehard collector, is unhappy with the recent change in Bath & Body Works’ hand sanitizer design and packaging. Despite the loss of their signature design, she plans to continue collecting the hand sanitizers. “Collections are important, because it’s important to be passionate about something,” Sedlacek said.

For Marian girls, collections are more than just a hobby. They represent something that the collector is passionate about and sets them apart. Simpson, McMinn, Roth,

and Sedlacek’s collections all contribute to their identities. They are reminders that everyone is unique and values di erent things. Whether it’s stickers, hand sanitizers, snow globes, or owers, collections are not limited to certain objects. People collect for a variety of reasons, such as investment, enjoyment, and preservation of the past. Regardless of the motive, collections o er a range of bene ts that many Marian girls enjoy.

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