Unsung heros: Marian girls celebrate special bonds with mothers


This Feb. 28, 255 Marian girls and their mothers gathered for a morning of motherly appreciation. This year, at the Marian Mother Daughter Mass and Breakfast, the Marian community celebrated the everyday heros that often go unnoticed: moms.

In the busy life of today’s Marian girl, nding a free moment to be with one’s mother can be a difficult task. The yearly Mother Daughter Mass and Breakfast offers a chance for Marian girls and their mothers to take a break from their lives and appreciate their special mother-daughter relationships.

Junior Haley Keenan enjoyed some overdue bonding time with her mother, Mrs. Kristin Keenan. “We’re always in a hurry, so just spending a few uninterrupted hours with Haley [was my favorite part],” Mrs. Keenan said. This was the Keenans’ second time attending the Mother Daughter Mass and Breakfast.

This event celebrates the special bond that forms between a mother and a daughter. “I think we have that special little bond that makes her be my best little pal,” Mrs. Elena Kuiper, mother of freshman Hana Kuiper, said.

Marian girls are taught to be confident, independent, thinking leaders, but these lessons start well before their freshman year. A mother is the first role model in a young girl’s life and the lessons learned from a mother last a lifetime. “I’ve always been able to look up to her, and she looks out for me in everything that I do. She’s a great role model,” said Keenan.

One special mother-daugh- ter relationship in the halls of Marian is that of freshman Aidan Remmick and her mother, history teacher Mrs. Kim Remmick. The pair have an amusing dynamic and love to poke fun, but the love they hold for each other is clear. “We are so similar that sometime’s it’s good, sometimes it’s bad,” Mrs. Remmick said. “We work well together, but we also really can fight.”

While each mother-daughter relationship is unique, the love and respect that each of these pairs has for each other is immeasurable. Each of these daughters looks up to their mothers as heroes in their lives, truly emulating the Mass’s theme of “Embracing our Heroes.”

“My mom’s my hero because I can always go to her … She’s always a good role model for me,” Kuiper said. “She’s just always there for me, and that’s what a mom’s for.”

These mothers have embraced their roles as heroes in their daughters’ lives. “I know that my mom is still a guidepost for me, … and I just want to be the same for [Aidan],” Mrs. Remmick said.

No matter the dynamic between these mothers and daughters, the message from each is clear: mother-daughter relationships are an important part of a girl’s life. Mothers guide, nurture, and are truly ever-present heroes in the lives of their daughters.

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