Athletes push to conquer injuries


It’s in the news all the time. Professional athletes are out for the next few games because of a concussion or other sports-related injury. At Marian, sports injuries are no less prevalent.

Marian students are high-achieving in the classroom, in athletics, and in any other activity. While this sounds like a positive statement, it can also be negative when it comes to the health of a student-athlete.

Sophomore Adelaide Stormberg has had a concussion since August. Stormberg got her concussion when she got kicked in the head playing soccer. “It’s really hard to be in school because of how loud it is, and I have had to change my classes. However, Marian has been very helpful with getting me what I need while I recover,” Stormberg said.

When a student-athlete has an injury, it is imperative that they do everything they can to heal properly. This includes sitting out of games and practices or even not coming to school.

Staying away from school is extremely important for students with concussions. Anything from noise in the cafeteria, trying to focus on lectures and taking notes, or even watching a movie can set back the brain’s healing process.Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 8.30.06 PM

“Making plot connections in movies is difficult for your brain. If you break it down, it makes sense why movies aren’t good for concussions. It is stressful to your brain. That’s also why going to school is so hard. Focusing on what the teacher is saying and trying to take notes is difficult for a brain to handle, especially when it’s not working its best,” Mrs. Melissa Brusnahan, Marian’s athletic trainer, said.

Other sports-related injuries can be just as detrimental to an athlete. Taking time off of their perspective sports can hurt progress and morale. Senior Kateri Determan had this experience in dance when she broke her left foot and severely bruised her right radius at the same time. “It was really hard for me to get back into pointe because my left foot is weaker anyway, so it was hard to lose the strength I had worked so hard to gain,” Determan said.

However, Determan also said what she really remembered about this time was the kindness others showed her while she was recovering. “I especially remember Mrs. [Lori] Spanbauer, who would let me sit in her room when I was tired from all of the walking in the boot,” Determan said.

However, sports injuries don’t have to be the end of a student’s career! Determan has gotten back up on her tippy toes and still dances four times a week.

Brusnahan sees plenty of sports-related injuries, but the most common are sprained ankles and muscle strains. “If a student isn’t properly conditioned for a new season, or they are transitioning from one sport to another, it is likely they will get a muscle strain,” Brusnahan said.

Even with all the motivation in the world, listening to your doctors and athletic trainers is the only way to fully heal. Also, it is important to take care of the body to prevent injuries in the first place. This is why conditioning is so important for any sport, so athletes can begin their season on the right foot.

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