Just kept swimming: swimmers & divers take State runner-up



Abi Knapton ’16

The Marian Swim and Dive Team placed second at the state meet at the Bob Devaney Sports Center in Lincoln, Neb. on Feb. 27, 2016. State diving took place on Feb. 25, and swimming took place on Feb. 26 and 27.

“The atmosphere was pretty exciting. I loved representing Marian. I wasn’t able to dive my first three years in high school because I was too new to the sport. I needed to focus on learning the sport if I wanted a shot at diving in college. It was nice to finally be out there competing with all of my club friends. I also loved how my friends from school showed up to support me. That is a feeling I will never forget,” senior Abi Knapton said.


Morning practice pays off: The team proudly shows off their Class A runner-up trophy. The girls received the award on the Feb. 27 State tournament. Photo courtesy of Brynn Robertson

Knapton placed second, junior Taylor Carter placed third, and junior Kelly Straub placed fourth in diving. “I was really happy with where I placed. My goal was top two. I know I went out there and did my best, and it was great to see one of my best friends, Jess, take State. We push one another all the time in club. She deserved that win,” Knapton said.

After the divers were finished, the swimmers competed their hearts out on Feb. 26 and 27.

“During my race, I felt like it was just me in the water and that nothing else really mattered. I was just excited to be there,” freshman Sarah Gosch said. Marian placed second overall with 367.5 points, and the girls could not be prouder of the team’s perfor- mance. Lincoln Southwest girls won the title with 455 points.

“My favorite part of state was definitely the end when we all got to stand on the podium, even though we didn’t win. The whole team was super happy and excited to have done as well as we did!” Gosch said.

Head coach Mr. BJ Christiansen and dive coach Mrs. Becki Carter said they plan to stay at Marian to ensure that the school’s swim and dive team remains a threat to all in Class A of the NSAA. With enough practice, determination and faith, the Crusaders will continue to strive for the gold with future swim seasons.

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