Spring Sports Summary

And they’re off! Track season begins


After school hours on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, dedicated girls could be found sprinting up and down Marian’s halls. Track and field conditioning is complete, and that means the spring track season is currently underway.

Approximately 15 girls (mostly freshmen) who showed up to conditioning are excited to show other NSAA schools what the Marian track and field team is made of.

“I’ve never ran track, but everyone says it’s really fun. When I played basketball for Marian, I was told that I could jump high and run fast, so I’m deciding to put those talents all together for track. I am excited to see where I stand among other Class A competitors in Omaha,” freshman Gorretty Ofafa said.

Rigorous conditioning is required to be competitive in any Class A high school sport. Conditioning consists of hurdle stretches, sprint build-ups, ladder exercises, and starts. Varsity Track Head Coach Mr. Greg Golka focuses especially on his runners’ running form.
The girls conditioned until the first day of practice and tryouts on Feb. 29.

“We believe that being a part of the track team should be a positive experience for everyone. We believe that the key ingredients to make that happen are: being a part of the team, hard work, dedication to improvement and fun. We welcome anyone to the team who is willing to live into the expectations of the team,” Golka said.


2016 Marian soccer team is #goals


The soccer team is kicking off the season with a new head coach and tryout format.

At their preseason meeting Coach Teresa Virgillito DeGeorge ’92 announced plans for tryouts that include agility testing and drills.

“She really got the team excited for the upcoming season. She pumped us up for the new soccer season because it’s her first time being the head coach,” senior Kenzie Meola said.

Tryouts will be longer and more intense this year, taking place at Omaha Sports Complex from Monday, Feb. 29 through Thursday, March 3.

Practices will be held for two hours after school and early morning on Saturdays to review film from their games. The coach hopes to put more of an emphasis on watching fillm this season because it will help the girls learn from mistakes and make beneficial changes as the season progresses.

“My goal for the season is to have a cohesive unit of varsity players that plays to the best of their potential, to have a skilled passing team, and of course winning state is the ultimate goal,” DeGeorge said.

“I think Teresa will bring a new outlook and intensity to the Marian soccer program. She’s expecting a lot out of this season which will be a good thing for the whole team,” Meola said.


Tennis season soon to serve aces


While the tennis season isn’t in full swing yet, girls are getting amped to be back on the court. Varsity coach Mrs. Beth Dye is looking forward to the season, as well. “I’m excited to get the girls back together as a team, and I’m also excited to get to know the newcomers that will join the Varsity team,” Dye said.

Tryouts were held at Miracle Hills on Monday, Feb. 29 and Tuesday, Mar. 3 in the morning before school. The final day of tryouts will be held on Tuesday, Mar. 9, weather permitting. About 30 girls will try out for the team, and a maximum of 10 will make Varsity, while a maximum of 12 will make Junior Varsity. Day one practiced single matches, and day two practiced doubles.

The Junior Varsity team will be headed by Mrs. Miller, who has been a part of the program for about ten years.

“I think we should be very successful just because of the eight people returning from last year’s Varsity squad,” Dye said. The tennis community at Marian is excited for the return of a successful season.

Students are welcome to come support the team at their matches. Find out when they’re playing by checking the sports calendar on Marian’s website!

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