President Ms. Mary Higgins ’69 shares her thoughts on Field Day


Students can (understandably) get caught up in all the festivities of Field Day. It is up to observers to make their own conclusions of what Field Day does for the student body.

President Ms. Mary Higgins ’69 shares her ideas on Field Day and its purpose. “I get when you’re a part of Field Day, it is about winning and losing because you need something to drive you to do your best. However, when you step back you see unprecedented collaboration. No one else has this kind of opportunity for students. Students have to collaborate, meet deadlines, and even get everyone to walk in the same direction (demo). It’s amazing to see student’s ability to work in teams (committees) to meet deadlines and budgets. People get right on board, and natural leaders rise to the top,” Higgins said.

“There is not really an end. As an alum, we still talk about Field Day. The best stories are from alums who say, ‘We never won a single time.’ I remember it snowed once on Field Day. Field Day was canceled but we still had to go to school,” Higgins said.

Higgins also notices that there is a correlation between those who were leaders during her own Field Days, and those who accept leadership positions as a career in present day. Field Day also gives girls experience for future workplace projects.

“If you think of a big project on a professional level, you would never publicly downgrade the people you’re competing against. Everyone would just work their tails off and enjoy what they do,” Higgins said.

Higgins and others who watch Field Day from the outside see the dedication and determination in each and every Marian girl. “I just want everyone to step back and enjoy the memories they’re making,” Higgins said.


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