Teachers slip ahead in ‘Human Trivia Crack’


On Wednesday, Feb. 17 during extended homeroom, eight teachers and eight students, two representing each grade, went head-to-head in a live game of Trivia Crack. Student Board organized this in place of the annual spelling bee.

“We wanted to give more students a chance to participate and make it more entertaining for people to watch. We thought of a few different ideas to replace the spelling bee. We considered a geography bee, a Marian trivia game, and making a spoof off of the old ’90s geography show ‘Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego,’ junior Bunny Nelson said.

Student Board finally decided upon Trivia Crack, a popular app in which player can challenge their friends on the knowledge of random trivia questions from different categories. The six categories include geography, science, entertainment, history, art, and sports.

AL Human Trivia23

The wheel of knowledge: Ella Wente ’17 reaches for the wheel to find out what category she picked. Her teacher partner, English teacher Ms. Susie Sisson was ready for whatever challenging question was to come. Photo by anyalindholm

Freshman and sophomore members of Student Board dressed up as characters to symbolize the different categories involved in the game. “We thought this would add some pizzaz to the game by having the characters come to life. The girls made their own costumes with the help of Mrs. [Ashley] Bauer,” Nelson said.

In order to play, the students signed up with Mrs. Bauer, and Student Board hand-picked teachers.

“We were excited to get the teachers to participate and tried to chose teachers who hadn’t been involved in a lot of activities and who weren’t biased on a certain category,” Nelson said.

Each student was paired with a teacher, and they spun the wheel of categories. Members of Student Board then asked a trivia question, and the first person to answer correctly won that category.

If a team answered two questions correctly in a row in the same category, that team would lock in that character. The first team to end up with the most categories locked in would be the winner.

After a tie of three categories locked in for each team, it was time for a bonus, final question. The teachers ended up victorious, answering the final question “What country is Mount Everest in?” correctly. English teacher Ms. Megan Piernicky buzzed in to answer immediately. “Nepal!”

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