Anya Lindholm: Feature Editor

Lindholm, AnyaWhoever said hair bows and princesses are meant for little girls clearly hasn’t met Anya Lindholm. Aside from being the human embodiment of a J. Crew catalog, Anya is a STATE CHAMP! One would never guess by her humble nature that she has been a part of Marian’s Varsity swim team since freshman year. In her leisure time during the summer, Anya spends her days lifeguarding at Field Club of Omaha. She has basically trademarked the color pink. The feature page editor is fond of her Journ next door neighbors, Ally and Tessa. Her favorite part of being on Network staff is seeing the newspaper together. She’s a lover of hard boiled eggs and seaweed and she doesn’t care who knows it.  If you’re ever unsure if Anya Lindholm loves Disney, ask yourself his: does Mickey love Minnie? There’s your answer. Bio by anniesoener 

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