Clara Wertzberger: Co-Managing Editor

Wertzberger, ClaraClara Wertzberger, one of The Network’s Co-Managing Editors and leader at heart, enjoys a wide variety of activities to keep her brilliant mind constantly occupied. When this worker bee isn’t “journing” her heart out editing stacks of papers, she’s a Co-President of the Latin Club, a freshman retreat leader, a senior retreat leader, and a volunteer at her church’s summer camps. Wertzberger loves her job working at a dog kennel, where she is greatly loved by her furry friends. Her favorite part of being in journalism is observing all her staffers grow into their writing. She believes it is amazing to see how The Network has come together to make issues. When reminiscing about newspaper memories, the ones that will stand out include Noelle Pick’s jams during work nights and the staff’s big, fat Jewish Orthodox wedding with the Mount Michael boys. Bio by marykiscoan

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