Makenzie Fuss: Graphics Editor and Feature Page Editor

Fuss, MakenzieMakenzie Fuss. Where do we begin? This all star golfer is the graphic queen of the Network staff. Not only is she an avid Criminal Mind enthusiast, she claims that Matthew Gray Gubler is her spirit animal. Another example of one of her spirit animals are dogs. Kenzie commonly practices dog petting which could last up to an hour when meeting a new dog. Her favorite dogs are her very own dogs, Daisy and Kessa. Kenzie, always the mama bear, is very passionate about protecting her cubs. Her ambitious nature will help her throughout her college experience and the rest of her life. This alfredo pasta fan plans to continue her golf career at Rockhurst University in Kansas City. There, she plans to follow her dream of being a lawyer. Kenzie is a large part of the Network staff being both graphic editor and feature page editor. She is a great journalist, friend, mama bear, and dog lover. Bio by elsiestormberg

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