Teacher leaves legacy of love

ptravAfter 35 years of teaching at Marian, Ms. Pat Hess Travis ’64 has made the decision to retire. As an eleventh grade theology teacher, she has taught her students so much more than just morality and the sacraments. She has helped students grow in faith and their love for God, others, and themselves.

Travis started teaching at Marian in August of 1981. Theology came natu rally to Travis, as she was a member of the Servants of Mary right after high school. “The second year as a novice, everything we studied had to do with Theology, Church teachings, [and] documents of Vatican II,” Travis said. However, she decided to pursue music as her major, a rarity in those days. Because of this unique degree, she has been able to live in Massena, NY, Denver, and Pueblo, Colo. Eventually, after leaving the Servants of Mary because of her own need to branch out, she received a degree in theology at Creighton University.

After nearly three decades spent at Marian as teacher, as well as four years of high school as a student, Travis’ memories of Marian are abundant.

“There is such a large number of mem- ories that race through the scrapbook in my memory … LOTS of favorites,” Travis said.

As for retirement plans, those are yet to come. “Retirement is a mystery… I will discover it as it happens. I hope to be able to sleep until I wake up with no alarm!” Travis said. “I also hope to substitute once in a while, to spend time in New York City with [my son] Andrew and in Elko, Nevada with [my son and his family] Mark, Tamara, Liam, and Durin, to travel with [my dog] Dillon to the mountains and just soak in the beauty, get closer to God through peace and prayer, to spend time helping in the parish. I am a bit scared, but very open to whatever unfolds!”

Travis’ legacy will definitely live on through the next years, even with- out her in the theology department at Marian. Students will remember her as a loving and devoted teacher who was always open to the ideas and thoughts of others.

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