Witzenburg SINEs out of Marian



Mrs. Molly Witzenburg and her family.

Math teacher Mrs. Molly Witzenburg’s four year

Marian career is almost all summed up. Witzenburg graduated from Marian is 1986 and continued on to University of Nebraska at Lincoln to earn a Bachelor’s degree in education and endorsement in secondary math. She started her math work at Burke High School, where she taught classes for six years. She continued on to work

in the actuarial department at an insurance company for eight years. When she was not busy caring for her two daughters, Maggie ’14 and senior Emmy, she worked on the side as a substitute teacher. She then taught math part time at Creighton Prep High School and then full time at Marian in the fall of 2012.

Her daughters’ attendance at Marian was not the only motivation to teach here. “It’s the people. I have loved meeting so many great girls and working with great faculty and staff members,” Witzenburg said. Students who have taken Witzenburg’s math classes appreciate the time and energy she has applied to the topics. “Mrs. Witzenburg is very passionate about what she teaches.

She has a unique way of teaching that helps her students be successful. I feel like she’s a really cool mom,” senior Maddie Kirchofer said.

After leaving Marian, Witzenburg plans to start using math again in a financial analysis setting. “I’m not going to have kids at home now, so I don’t need my summers off,” Witzenburg said.

Witzenburg said she will miss working in a Catholic community. “It’s really nice to work in a faithfilled environment,” Witzenburg said. Traditions like Surprise Day, talent shows, and

Masses are Witzenburg’s favorite memories. “I’m going to miss the opportunities that we have when everyone gets together, the energy and excitement,” Witzenburg said.


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