Twenty One Pilots, One Direction fans share concert, wardrobe, music experiences


Two years ago, senior Taylor Lazio had no idea the weird music she was listening to would soon become her favorite band. She and her twin sister, senior Hannah Lazio, became fast fans of Twenty One Pilots, an eclectic musical duo, and even dressed up as the two band members this past Halloween. “People that we knew thought it was funny,” Taylor said.

Most of their friends and family know of their love for the band, even if it’s only enough to
recognize them on TV. One day, Taylor was hanging out at her grandparents’ house when her grandpa walked in, announcing that he had seen the group they like, “those pilot people,” featured on TV. Twenty One Pilots consists of singer/rapper/pianist/ukulele player Tyler Joseph and drummer Josh Dun.


Definitely not stressed out Sisters Taylor and Hannah Lazio ’16 stand in their Twenty One Pilots costumes. They dressed as the lead singers of the band for Halloween. 

Later, Taylor had the chance to see Twenty One Pilots live, not just through a TV screen. On Sept. 23, Taylor, Hannah, and their cousin waited outside in ominous weather for three hours before the concert of a lifetime. “… the environment was great, the people were all really nice, and you could talk to anyone that was in line next to you. Some guy passed around a poster for everyone in line to sign, so that was pretty cool,” Taylor said.

Though the show was cut short because of a heavy downpour, Taylor recalled singing along to all of her favorite songs and having a blast. “It was raining, and by the end everyone was soaking wet, but that made it more fun. The energy and the way Tyler and Josh interacted with the crowd was amazing to see live,” Taylor said. “It was really cool to be surrounded by other people who loved the band as much as me.”

Taylor can often be found listening to her favorite song, “Fall Away,” which she likes for the lyrics and her personal interpretation of them. “I just like that all of the songs have meaning behind them. They’re just a unique band,” she said.

Taylor may have dressed up as her favorite band for Halloween, but freshman Avery Streeter made her own One-Direction-inspired uniform. Throughout 2011, Streeter often wore only stripes and suspenders, emulating Louis Tomlinson, her favorite member of the popular boy band One Direction. “I wanted to do it because I looked up to them so much since I had followed them almost religiously, and Louis was my favorite, so I figured I could be just like him,” Streeter said.


A whole lot of history Avery Streeter ’19 sits by her One Direction covered door. She has been a fan of the band since 2011. 

Although Louis is no longer Streeter’s favorite member of the band―that honor goes to Niall Horan–her love for One Direction has never waned. Since Streeter heard one of their songs on the way to school in fourth grade, the band has encouraged and consoled her many times, especially during the difficult middle school years. “I found comfort in their music, the way that their lyrics had positive vibes and always seemed to give me the confidence I needed,” Streeter said. Nowadays, Streeter jams out to their tunes while doing homework to make accomplishing her tasks a little more fun.

Streeter has gone to two One Direction concerts in her life and had an absolute blast at both. “The vibe is so energetic, and you can see how much everyone is enjoying it and how happy it makes them,” Streeter said. Surrounded by like-minded people, she felt like she was enjoying the concert with family. “At times, I thought I had known people my whole life while I had known them for about two hours,” Streeter said.

Streeter connects with One Direction’s lyrics and has learned to accept her flaws by listening to the song “Little Things.” “I don’t like my freckles or a scar on my ankle, but just hearing someone say that every imperfection that you have is what makes you, you―I love how simple, yet deep it is,” Streeter said.

Most of Streeter’s friends are not fans of One Direction, and many people think she is weird for listening to music that is “not cool” anymore. However, this does not stop her from listening to what she loves. “… I like what I like, and anyone can listen to what they want,” Streeter said. She may not don stripes and suspenders every day any more, but Streeter wears her love for One Direction’s music on her sleeve with pride.

The Lazios and Streeter may enjoy extremely different types of music, but they all have experienced the kindness of a concert family and the comfort of their favorite band’s lyrics. Whether it is the life lessons they have learned or the new clothes they have donned, these girls have shown that a love for music can go beyond popping earbuds in every once in a while.

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