#WomensMarch Sophomore joins the spirit in Washington, D.C.


Sophomore Sally Noble accompanied her mother and family friends to join the hundreds of thousands of people marching and rallying in Washington, D.C. today, Jan. 21, 2017 for the Women’s March.

Sally served as a cub reporter for the mariandigitalnetwork and tried to communicate live with the staff back in Omaha about her experience.  She started with this at 8 a.m. CST.


“We stayed in Gettysburg, right on the field that the battle was fought! It was about a 2 hour bus ride with lots of traffic but we just got here and the parking lot has to have at least 200 buses!”

We asked her to have her mom snap a photo of her so that we could be on the lookout as we watched professional media cover the event throughout the day.  She sent us this with her friend Carolina:


Sally is on the right with the “Girl Power” sign.

From the bus parking lot, they had to make it to the Metro station to get closer to the Capitol.  This was them heading toward the station:


The day after the inauguration of President Trump, officials expected the rally and march to draw about 200,000 people. Exact numbers are difficult to determine, but the Washington Post claims that more than 1 million people worldwide gathered to protest. Sally said that she heard 5 times more people showed up on the streets of Washington D.C. than were expected.

“It felt very inspiring to see so many people so passionate about the same cause!” Sally said.

She sent this photo from the Metro station where everyone was to depart for the March:


When she made it out on to the street, she was in front of the Botanical Gardens and could see the U.S. Capitol in the distance.


At that point, 9:45 a.m. CST, we lost connection with Sally.  We feared she may have lost her phone or been trampled or who knows what!  But, at 6:12 p.m. CST, Sally resurfaced full of apologies.

“I’m so sorry! There were so many people there that the phone signal went down, and I haven’t had any data or WI-FI until now,” she said.

A flood of photos came through then…  here are a few:img_1702




“One thing that I didn’t expect to find really interesting were all the different signs that people were holding. I loved how each one summed up how that person felt about their current situation, like if they were mad, sad, or scared. I also loved just looking at all the people because, as I mentioned earlier, they were all so different from each other and each person had their own way of expressing their opinions, whether they were yelling or quietly holding their sign,” Sally said.



“Now that I’m over the overwhelming feeling I felt with the huge crowds, I feel grateful to have played a part in this because I felt connected to everyone there!” Sally said.

One of the things that surprised her about the day was “the diversity of people.”

What’s next for Sally? “I love doing things that feel like I am making a difference, so I will definitely do more things like this in the future,” she said.
“I did this because my mom was very passionate about Hillary Clinton, and when she lost the election, we felt like it would be some sort of consolation to go to the Women’s March and feel like we are contributing more to her cause.”
“Overall, I’m so happy I went because I felt like I was a part of something very important that could hopefully actually make changes in women’s rights and impact history!”
When Sally returns to school on Monday, we’ll hear more of her story and the stories of other Marian girls who rallied and marched in downtown Omaha.

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