Your guide to concerts

entertainment review by annacook & hailierydel

Throughout the years, young adults deciding what to do on a Friday or Saturday night has changed time and time again. From drive-in movies to hanging out at the mall, now it’s going to concerts. Omaha is filled with pop culture that young adults embrace with open arms. With all of the opportunities that Omaha offers concert-wise, it’s important to be concert ready.

First step, finding tickets! Tickets can be expensive, but don’t let that deter you! Using a site like Stub-hub is a great tool for finding more affordable tickets.

Second step, being prepared for the concert! As a Marian girl, it’s almost a given that food is an important part of your life. Make sure that you have a game plan! Tips and tricks would include eating at home before the concert if you’re already broke from spending money on the ticket. Other advice would be to find restaurants around the venue of the concert so you’re not rushing to get there. Post concert meals are also something to consider. 24-hour restaurants are convenient, especially if you get out of the concert late at night.

Third step, the buddy system! Losing your friends at the concert can definitely affect your experience. Set a spot to meet your friend(s) at before you go, to avoid wandering around by yourself.

The fourth and final step, have fun! Concerts are a great way to meet new people and have memorable experiences with your best friends. Don’t get caught up watching the concert through your phone. I’m sure that your friends on Snapchat would love to see videos of the concert, but it’s never a bad thing to live in the moment!

Get Your Jam On. The Bourbon Theatre is always a hot spot for concert goers. (photo by hailierydel)

Sokol Auditorium, the greatest of concert venues, located in south Omaha on 13th Street. A small venue with a maximum occupancy of around 1500 people. This makes for packed, intimate shows and sweaty nights.

Bourbon Theatre, a renovated 1930’s movie theatre located in downtown Lincoln accommodates for a wide variety of entertainment acts. The Bourbon has multiple levels, the upper levels set up with tables, and the lower level allowing for standing room. This allows for a spacious venue, but still maintains that certain level of intimacy.

Lookout Lounge, a shady personal venue, that makes for intimate shows. It’s located a couple minutes south of Marian on 72nd Street. It’s stocked with tables off to the side of the floor, a pool table, and good vibes.

Slowdown, a concert venue located north of downtown on 14th Street. The venue is set up in two tiers. The bottom tier allows for the rowdy standing room while the top tier is set up with tables and chairs. The floor stays jam packed with a few stragglers standing on the top tier.

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