Rain or shine, campus cleanup crew gets it done on time

By Shannon McSweeney

As summer ‘17 started coming to an end, Marian teachers and staff began their preparation for the new school year. Inspirational posters were purchased, cabinets were dusted and homework was planned. There was only one task left to complete: the campus cleanup. The Marian community takes great pride in the beautiful landscape lining the school, so students and staff joined together to clean the campus.

Put together by President Mary Higgins and Principal Susie Sullivan, this year’s event had a record attendance of 26 volunteers. Marian girls from all grades attended the event, including Class of 2017 graduate Lily Foley. The cleanup was from 9 in the morning to noon and girls had an array of jobs from spreading mulch to watering plants. The volunteers worked tirelessly through all kinds of weather, and got the job done.

Staff also worked to keep the morale high by providing plenty of water and encouragement for the girls. Less than an hour into working, it started to rain, but that did nothing to dampen the volunteer’s spirits. Marian girls proved that with a pair of gardening gloves and a positive attitude, anything is possible.

So next time you walk into school, take a minute to appreciate the work put into the landscaping outside, and consider being a part of next year’s campus cleanup to set a new recordCleanUP_ShowChoir - 23

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