Words of wisdom from seniors

by Maddie Robertson & Grace Sall

No matter who you are, your short four years at Marian will be memorable ones. You will make new friends, experience new things, grow in your faith and acquire all the skills you will need to become an accomplished young woman once you graduate.

Emotions may be high, from nerves to excitement with a sprinkle of confusion about what things like Walkathon and Gnimocemoh are. These things will all make sense in time, but until then, there are a few items of business we would like to attend to.

It’s the little day-to-day interactions that make everyone’s experiences at Marian what they are. A large part of contributing to the overall happiness and kindness that Marian emits is by being a happy and kind person yourself. That being said, make sure to keep others in mind as you walk from class to class. There’s no need to walk side by side by side in the hallway. In fact, having a friend to walk with you to your next class isn’t a must-have. It can be intimidating to navigate the staircases by yourself, especially as an underclasswoman, but no one will judge you for it. In fact, you’ll be adored by every person who doesn’t have to shimmy past a wall of you and your buddies.

Pasta Mondays will be your best friend. You will see girls scrambling to get in line after spending the first four blocks counting down until lunch. The lunch line isn’t much of a line, but waiting patiently and not cutting in front of people is important. Eventually, you will make it to the front to get the delicious noodles with alfredo sauce. And please do keep in mind that the cafeteria staffers are some of the busiest and hardest workers in the building. Leaving behind your food and trash for them when there are recycling bins and trash cans right next to your table doesn’t make their lives any easier.

Before you stock up on fun iPad games to distract you from listening to Ms. Han tell you about the slope-intercept form, download the Gmail app and turn on notifications for your Marian email. You will receive emails all the time, and making sure you see them is important to staying organized and aware of what’s happening. Be sure to check your email religiously.

The goal of every staff member at Marian is to help you succeed. They will do everything in their power to help you excel academically, achieve athletically and thrive spiritually. It is their job and passion to make sure that you are getting the most out of your time spent at Marian. Don’t be afraid to ask them for help or approach them with any questions you might have. Along with teachers, know that you can alway rely on an upperclasswoman to guide you. Even if they aren’t your Big Sister, they were once in your shoes and most likely remember the older students who took them under their wings. It costs nothing but a few moments of your day to approach them and ask for advice. Scratch that. There is one more cost. One day, you will be required to do all that you can to help out one of your little Marian sisters, too.

The last, and probably the easiest hack to forget, is cherishing your time. While it requires next to no effort, it is easy to forget to do so because of being so caught up in extracurriculars, volunteering and schoolwork. It only takes a moment though. Those moments when you might be dreading another assembly in the gym or your third Spanish vocab quiz of the week, remember that four years is just a short chapter in your long novel of life. Make sure that chapter is something you’re proud of.maddiegrace

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