COME TO BURN MAGAZINE PERFORMING ARTS SHOWCASE: December 12 from 5-6 p.m. in the PAC lobby

By J1 Reporter Anna Kenney


Burn magazine staff having fun in the fall weather. 

An exciting moment for any Marian student is the day that Burn magazine lands on her desk. Burn is Marian’s literary arts magazine that is published twice a year. This magazine displays creative and original writing, photography, and artwork by students. Students submit their pieces and the magazine’s staff, moderated by Mrs. Marsha Kalkowski and Mrs. Lindsay Cisco, choose the pieces that they will feature in that upcoming issue. All students are encouraged to submit any of their creative works to Burn.

On Dec.12, Marian is having a Performing Arts Showcase to display the pieces that will be published in this year’s fall addition. This showcase will be a celebration and recognition of the works done by Marian girls that they have completed on their own time and outside of a class.

Students from all four grades submitted 256 different works for the fall issue of Burn. The magazine staff anonymously chooses the submissions that they will include in their next issue. This fall only the top 10 percent of submissions were chosen. This means that 26 Marian girls will have their work displayed at the showcase. Sophomore Scarlett Wedergren will have two pieces in this year’s issue. A canvas painting of a colorful cow entitled “Rainbow Cow” and  a watercolor peacock artwork entitled “Purple-icious” are these two works. “I am very excited for the showcase! This is the first time Burn has done something like this. It is wonderful for others to see the artistic abilities in our school, and a showcase like this is like a real life gallery showing! It will be cool for others to see what the Burn Magazine is all about. Thank you Mrs. Cisco and Mrs. Kalkowski for organizing this wonderful event!” Wedergren said.

 This evening will be a fantastic event with music provided by the Fine Arts Department and hors d’oeuvres will be served as well. All of the works on display will be original artwork or photography going into the magazine, but the poems that will be published in the magazine will actually be read by the poets themselves.

The selected artists, photographers, poets and authors are all invited to attend this event and are encouraged to bring their family and friends with them. As a bonus, a special advanced copy of the magazine will be given to each selected student. Additional copies will be on sale for friends and relatives to purchase for $2 each. The entire student body will receive a copy in homeroom later that week.

Finally, as a grand finale, a website created by staff member and junior Lily Blake will be unveiled that has some behind the scenes interviews with featured students. “The website will have online exclusive contests and will have an outlet for girls that want to showcase their music or films,” Blake said.

The idea for this Performing Arts Showcase was proposed by Cisco. Both Cisco and Kalkowski are excited to celebrate Burn and all who have worked so hard on the magazine. They cannot wait to see how the event turns out and hope for a success. If this event goes well they then plan on having another showcase for the Spring issue.

The Marian community can’t wait to see the Fall issue of Burn and to read and view the works of their fellow classmates. The Performing Arts Showcase featuring the works from the Fall issue of Burn magazine is Tuesday, Dec. 12 from 5-6 p.m. in the PAC lobby. Hopefully all who attend can take something away from the event as Wedergren puts it, “I hope that my pieces inspire other artists to create, especially with paint and watercolor. I hope my art brightens their day, too!”

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