A Universal Approach to World Peace

Opinion By J1 Reporter Sally Noble

Processed with VSCO with b5 presetOne thing I wish I could give the world is peace so that everyone can live together in harmony. The war and distrust among countries and people is so sad because the anger among leaders is taken out on people who do not deserve it. Peace is a long process that is beginning to become more important to individual countries, especially as the world progresses, but it must be agreed upon among all countries that it is very important to achieve. Leaders who create conflict with other countries without a good reason do not think hard enough about the citizens of the country which turmoil would affect the most, who are most likely trying their best to provide for their family and live their lives in peace. World leaders need to take a lesson from these people and sit down with leaders of other countries to resolve problems in a peaceful way that does not end in any deaths or turmoil.

Something that normal people, especially the young, can do to resolve these problems is practice respecting and loving one another. This can also be extended to parents, so that they can teach their young children that respecting one another is the most important thing in life. Respect does not only mean being kind to one another’s bodies and lives, but also listening to other opinions and respecting them even if they do not align with their own. This will result in children growing up to be world leaders who respect all people, both of their countries and others, and can make decisions that are beneficial for everyone involved. It is important for every person from small children to powerful world leaders to do their part improving the world in an attempt to achieve world peace.

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