Field trip to the Tri-Faith Center inspires seniors

By J1 Reporter Lexi Schorg


Seniors look at the Jewish Torah at the Trial-Faith Center on Oct. 11. Photo by Network Staffer Madeline Robertson.

Faith is an important part of the Marian community. On Oct. 11, the senior
class took a field trip to the Tri-Faith Center on Pacific Street and South 132nd Street in Omaha. There the students were not only able to meet new people, but they were also able learn about the positive impacts of different religions.

The students were able to listen and participate in two presentations by speakers at the Tri-Faith Center. The speaker Iman Jamal talked about his respective religious beliefs and answered any questions the students had. The students were given the opportunity to not only have a better understanding of the Islamic faith, but also have their eyes opened to all of the positive values of Islam rather than the negative.

“Often times people instantly have a negative perspective when it comes to the Islamic faith and Muslim ideals, however, the experience left such an positive impact,” theology teacher Mr. Kory Delkamiller said.

The students were not only impacted by the speakers, but by all the artwork displayed at the mosque. “You could see the graphics of verses of the Quran painted all throughout the mosque as you walked through,” Delkamiller said.

As the trip came to a close, the seniors and everyone who went were beaming with
empowerment and excitement. Delkamiller was excited to come back to Marian and see how the trip impacted his students. “When the girls came back from the trip, all they could talk about was how amazing Iman Jamal was. They loved how respecting he was of all religions and truly changed their perspective,” Delkamiller said.

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