It Socks To Be a Marian Girl

Opinion By J1 Reporter Audrey Otwell

In a school where girls commonly compare the length of their leg hair and brag about how long it has been since they have washed their hair, I am disappointed to find that the color of my socks is treated like a capital offense.

A brief list of things that matter: the safety of Marian students, preparation through education for college, and the empowerment of girls through example. Students are ambitious, cutthroat warriors who are educating themselves in hopes to fuel the fire that ignites their desires.

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All’s Well That Otwell

Girls here are beautiful, talented, and incredibly intelligent. Girls here are innovatively seeking new ways to create, girls here are staying up late and waking up early, girls here are writhing themselves to the bone to be enough for the expectations that they set. These things matter.

A brief list of things that don’t matter: the color of a girl’s sock that she wears as she applies to the school of her dreams, the length of the shorts as she wears as she glides through the finish line, winning the race, and the tightness of her leggings as she perfectly finishes her soliloquy, not leaving a dry eye in the house. These are the moments that matter, these are the things we should pay attention to. Administration should repeal the arbitrary regulations on uniform and focus their energy and points to bettering the school.


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