My mom is my best friend

Opinion by J1 reporter Maria Alessandro


I can’t live without her, in fact, I wouldn’t even be here without her. My mom is not only always there for me, but she is also my best friend. I pretty much tell her everything, and I know I can always depend on her. Whenever I need her help or I am feeling sad, she’ll be the first one by my side. We do so much together that we don’t seem like the typical mother-daughter pair.

My mom and I have several quirks that make us the best of friends, and don’t worry, I promise I have other friends as well. One thing that has truly bonded us as I have gotten older is our love for Michael W. Smith. He is a Grammy-winning Christian artist who most of you have probably not heard of, but he is truly kind and talented. At my summer camp in 2011, he came and performed a concert, and that was the beginning of our journey. In 2012, my mom and I went on a cruise in Canada to see Michael W. Smith, and it was the best week of my entire life. Not only did my mom and I get to spend more than week together, but we also ended up meeting and running into him more than seven times that week! Ever since, we’ve been a little bit obsessed (don’t worry though, not crazy fangirl type obsessed).


Memories with Maria: My mom and I (middle) with Michael W. Smith and Amy Grant this past November. 

Since 2011, we have seen Smith every single year, and have talked to him several times as well. Basically, Michael W. Smith is a version of Justin Bieber to my mom and I, which is better than being obsessed with Bieber too, because Smith’s meet and greet passes are way cheaper. Having these opportunities and moments together have allowed my mom and I bond together even more!

Besides our mutual love for Smith, we have many other things just the two of us do. We like to go to LePeep, watch E.R., and we even own a pair of matching plaid pajamas…that’s not weird, right? I’d like to say that my mom and I are two peas in a pod, and we have also been told that we look a lot alike, but despite our special bond, our relationship isn’t perfect. Sometimes, I don’t appreciate my mom as much as I should, and it makes me really upset with myself if I get angry with her. She rarely does anything wrong, it’s usually just stress that can make us butt heads. No matter what, we can always move past any bumps in the road and continue our great relationship.

Moms do so much for their children, and sometimes we forget that. I’ve been trying really hard to be less stressed so it doesn’t affect my relationships. No matter what though, I believe that everyone, including myself, should try really hard to appreciate what their parents do for them, as they are the ones who matter the most in our lives. Your parents want to be your friend, but they are so much more, and deserve the world. I’m not saying you and your parent have to be besties like my mom and I, but it wouldn’t hurt to hang out with them a little more than usual.

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