The Epitome of an A-Day


Opinion by J1 reporter Joey Carollo

You wake up on a Tuesday morning, in a warm comfy bed, with food for breakfast, and some money to buy yourself an iced coffee from Dunkin’. You get to school and discover it’s an A-day. Most girls dread this scenario, but personally, I don’t mind A-days. I mind more when the only things my friends seem to want to complain about is it being an A-day.

To be quite honest, A-days kind of rock. I start the day off with study hall, I have first lunch, and I end the day on second floor, which means I get out to my car just in time to beat the after-school traffic jam. Now, I know that’s not the case for everyone. We all have days we don’t like, I mean E-days for myself are absolutely horrible. But, do you hear me complaining every time it’s an E-day? The answer is no, I understand a little complaining here and there but after awhile, hearing about, ‘how much you hate A-days’ gets pretty old and quite annoying.

You might be thinking to yourself, what an odd topic for you to get worked up about Joey. Well, I know. It’s not the complaining that bothers me most, it’s the story behind the complaining. All of us Marian girls are so unbelievably blessed. We’re blessed with the opportunity to go to Marian, blessed with food, blessed with a family, and so much more, and the thing we choose to complain about and let ruin our day is the schedule of an A-day?

I know school’s tough, and A-days are repetitive, but next time you want to let out that shriek of, “UGGGHHHH it’s an A-day?” I encourage you to think about your blessings and the opportunity that you get to go to Marian, and to ask yourself, “Am I really going to start off my day complaining about the order of my classes?”

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