How Marian girls lose their money at school

By J1 Reporter Mariana Inciarte-Balza

I go through the lunch line, remembering how I did not have time to make my own lunch to make it to upper lot, and finish homework. I smile at the lunch ladies, Tim, Bill and everyone around, until my salad and three cookies come out to be $4.75. But what if I want fruit? $2.50 more.

I got a car! How exciting. Except, if I want to drive to school, parking costs $50 for a parking tag and I am basically FORCED to get it. I can’t sign my car in too many times, and if I don’t have a parking tag, I get a $10 parking ticket every single time.

Walk-A-Thon. A time where Marian girls can help out the school with you guessed it: Money. The expectation is to meet our school goal, but if people don’t bring in their money, girls are encouraged to bring more than $100.

“Bring in your money!” You hear. “We need to reach our goal!” This pressures every student to bring in what they could save for something else. And where does all that money for Walk-A-Thon go? Only administration knows that answer. Keep in mind everybody is still paying their $10,000 tuition fee each year to just go to school. Marian girls experience this every day to spend their month’s paycheck.

Now I understand Marian is not funded by the government like public schools are, but everyone comes from different social statuses and classes. There can be many other ways to raise money instead of making everything overpriced. For example, if you are at a low-income position, already on a certain tuition assistance, and then you are pressured to bring in at least $150 for Walk-A-Thon, spend at least $6 a day for lunch, and buy a parking ticket, you are already at an extreme unfair disadvantage.

Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 1.40.07 PM.png

Not only certain students are at an unfair disadvantage, but so are the teachers. I’ve seen the plans to remodel the school costing over $11 million. Instead of wanting a “fancier” school why don’t we boost the teacher’s salaries? Catholic school teachers are already paid less than the normal public school teacher, so I want to know why there’s not an effort to help those who help students. Students are shaped into the future of the economy and teachers do that shaping.

All I want is to be able to go to school without worrying about how expensive everything is. Overall, the concept is just ridiculous to me.

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