Marian girls are too competitive

Opinion by J1 Reporter Hannah Bena

     Girls are screaming at one another, there is paint all over sophomore hall, and your walls are falling apart right before the judges walk around. It is not news to anyone that Marian’s four classes are WAY too competitive. From Walk-A-Thon to Field Day and anything in between, Marian girls get down to business. And in reality, it is over the littlest things ever, maybe not to us at the moment, but in the long run, we will realize that Field Day is not the most important event in the world.

     Many girls’ relationships with each other have been close to breaking, or have shattered completely, all over Marian traditions. Don’t get me wrong, I love all the traditions within this school, but the competitions are getting out of hand. Field Day is suppose to build class and school unity, but in reality, it is tearing school unity to shreds.

     It has gotten to the point where girls are putting their opinions on social media. I know I am not the only one to think this, but putting your opinions on social media to bring other girls down is just wrong and unnecessary. Keep your opinions to yourself and keep them off of social media so the week does not get any more chaotic.

     What happened to the phrase “Girls Support Girls.” If classes bring other classes down or a girl brings another girl down, it is going against this code. Field Day is a learning experience and a great event where we get to build class AND school unity. WE NEED TO SUPPORT EACH OTHER.

     It is not all about winning. I promise you that a Field Day win is not going to make or break your career. It is not something you will put on a college resume, so stop stressing over getting the win. Marian girls are probably more stressed during Field Week than they are during finals week, and in anyone else’s mind, it should be the other way around.

     Field Day is a great time to see your classmates’ abilities and to let your creative side shine. What is the point in bringing each other down, what value are you going to get out of that? Field Day is all about having fun and working together. And a lot of girls do not get the true Field Day experiences, but instead listen to girls bickering at each other. To all of you reading this, I want you to really understand the meaning behind Field Day, to not become catty during the Field Day season, but to love each and every one of your Marian sisters. It is truly not worth losing friendships and sisterly relationships over an event. It is supposed to be a learning experience with your class and the entire school, to build school spirit, and most importantly, to build a bond within this school.

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