UNL Empowers Young Black Students in Omaha

By J1 Reporter Frieda Nomenyo

This year’s theme at the Black Leadership Symposium was to Envision Yourself. Private and public schools from all over Omaha were present, but five juniors, two sophomores, and one senior from Marian attended the symposium at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln on Nov. 15.
The leaders shuffled everyone into the Centennial Room to listen to the Keynote Speaker. At 9 a.m, sharp, Thomas H. Warren, Sr., President and CEO of the Urban League of Nebraska and past Police Chief in Omaha for four years, addressed the crowd on the importance of staying in school and being involved with your school, family and community. He told the students that hard work and determination pays off. Warren also stated to watch your friends groups and make sure they’re people who build you up not tear your down.


Olivia Mathews, Becca Townley, Marissa Morris, Lydia Hogan, Brianna Eilderts, Anaja Arthur, Jalea Culliver

After his speech, students broke off into grade level groups. In the junior panel, there were more successful leaders presenting who explained their life and the hardships they went through. They talked about how to handle racial slurs on the road to success. The students had the privilege to ask questions of the speakers about anything.
After, there was a club fair and the high school students were able to see different ways UNL students expressed leadership around the campus. Students also took a tour of UNL and all the things the school had to offer. They saw classrooms, libraries, and the Devaney Sports Center.

When the tour and lunch ended, students reported to the dining hall and talked about how to be successful. The leaders (UNL students)  touched base on the colleges application process, ACT scores, and admission requirements. The Black Leadership symposium empowered young black students and will continue in years to come.

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