­Black dresses, ties don’t mean instant ‘goodbye’ to years of workplace sexual assault

Column by Audrey Hertel


Hertel me what?

Who are you wearing?” is one of the most iconic questions an actor, singer or anyone else who walks on the red carpet receives from an E News correspondent. The person who is asked this question usually answers it with some fancy foreign design brand that made a dress that is expensive enough to put me through college.

The 2018 Golden Globe Awards Red Carpet had the same news correspondent and the same question, but there was a significance attributed to the attire both women and men wore.

They wore all black.

I will say I had no idea that this initiative of wearing all black was occurring. I turned on my TV and thought “Finally people are getting a sense of style around here.”When I actually found out why, my thoughts changed to “Finally people in Hollywood are starting to care about things other than themselves.”

The reason celebrities wore all black to the awards was to stand in solidarity with women of all races, social class and work status who have experienced sexual assault or harassment.

The idea was backed by the Times Up Initiative. This is a campaign that works to end injustices toward women in the workplace including sexual assault, harassment and gender inequity (the fairness of treatment toward men and women).

I would consider myself to be a feminist. With that being said, I stand with women everywhere who experience the injustices that the workplace can provide.

I believe that most of the men and women who wore black to the award ceremony would say the same.

However, the thing that concerns me about wearing black to the award ceremony is that many of those people in that room knew about the history of sexual assault that was happening in their field of work, but stayed silent about the issues when they were actually occurring.

Actress Rose McGowan was the spark of Harvey Weinstein’s accusations. Since then, dozens of women have come out saying that they were assaulted by Weinstein. McGowan called out actress Meryl Streep claiming that she still continued to “happily work for The Pig Monster.” Meryl Streep wore black to the Golden Globes. McGowan also said that what happened at the Golden Globes was “Hollywood fakery” in a series of tweets after the fact. If you are going to speak on something, ACT ON IT. You can’t claim that you support the Times Up movement but continue to work with people who have been accused of assault by dozens of women with many testimonies.

People who dressed in all black at the Golden Globes dressed to make the statement that they are supporting the Times Up movement and helping to fight the abuse of power in the workplace, but it can’t end there.

Wearing one color on one day of the year is not going to solve the problem of sexual assault.

Actively go out and work with campaigns, fight for the creation of legislation about equal pay for jobs, treat other people with respect and educate others about the injustices between men and women in the workplace.

If it is truly Times Up like you say it is, actually hit stop on the alarm clock, not the snooze button.



Editorial Cartoon by Sofia Herrera

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