Craig learns to balance family, career and studies while taking classes

By Caitlyn Virgillito

Señora Cassie Craig is currently working towards a Master of Arts in Language Teaching (MALT) with a Spanish concentration at the University of Nebraska at Omaha to gain further expertise and accreditation in the Spanish education field. Craig acknowledges how challenging it is to be a student, but she plans to work hard, stay motivated, stick it out, and be strong even when it is difficult. She said she loves her job and strives to be the best teacher she can be.

Craig final
Señora Cassie Craig’s high school graduation in 2004.

Raising a family, working part time, and going to school can be overwhelming, but she has been able to apply herself, although her family life has had to adjust with all of the studying and time away from them. “I have had to be extremely efficient,” Craig said.
“I put in an hour or two every night for reading, homework, or projects, and I even spent many of my weekend nights working on grad school. This way I have more of the waking hours to give my full attention to my family. I have also had an amazing family support system which always helps,” She currently has a Bachelor of Education in Secondary Education with a Spanish concentration and sought her MALT out of motivation to improve her language and teaching skills.

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