“But Hogwarts­—I mean Marian— is my home!”

Opinion Column by Audrey Hertel ’18

I am 99.9 percent sure that when Viktor Krum said, “This tent is for champions and friends”  he was talking about Marian. If you think about it, Hogwarts and Marian are interchangeable in almost any circumstance. People (swimmers) walk around in mysterious robes during the winter time, girls run through the hallways on brooms, there’s that one creepy old guy who’s always behind you (sorry, Mr. Baker), there are secret tunnels that no one knows about and we have moving staircases (is it just me or does walking to third floor get higher and higher each day?).

Audrey Hertel ~ Hertel me what??


These halls have actual powers. I mean, how else could you explain teenage girls actually enjoying school? People walking through the hallways with REAL smiles on their faces? Unheard of.

Hogwarts teaches its students to have courage and use the skills that they learn to fight dark magic. At Marian, we are given the same amount of bravery to help fight our own darkness: the unknown future. We are given a foundation to help us not be afraid of obstacles that get in our way. 

Obviously Hogwarts has its faults, as does Marian. Hogwarts’ fault may be much bigger considering that it is the target of the one and only Lord Voldemort. Marian has the same issue whether it be key stealers or window breakers; that’s why we made our own force field to fight off evil just as Hogwarts did. We closed the gate to Soph lot, and boom! Nothing ever happened again. I’m telling you, this is REAL magic happening here. 

I’m pretty sure we can start calling Richard and Wayne Hagrid since they are now the “gate keepers” of Marian. All they need is a giant tarantula named Aragog and they’re set. 

You have to admit it, Hogwarts has some bomb feasts. I think that Marian does, too. We might not have Nearly Headless Nick rising from our tables to start conversations but we do have Sister Jackie to come and give us a hug while we scarf down taco salad and breadsticks. 

You know when Harry met all of his best friends at Hogwarts? I feel like I have a squad of some pretty magical people. I may not have fought off the Dark Lord during my time here, but my friends have stuck by me through everything, as has my class. Whether it be Field Week stress, ACT prep or helping with the Common App, they stood by me with wands, or iPads, in hand, warding off our enemies. 

What I’m trying to say with all these geeky Harry Potter references is that there is no place as magical as Marian. I know that next year I will miss walking through the corridors- I mean hallways- every day seeing the most amazing people that I have ever met. If you’re like I was, and want to go to a school like Hogwarts, pretty soon you’ll realize that you were at a better place the whole time. 

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The Network is the student newspaper of Marian High School, Nebraska's only Class A College-Preparatory School for young women.

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