We don’t coast, we coaster

Worlds of Fun in Kansas City provides a day’s worth of summer fun for Midwesterners

Review By Shannon McSweeney ’18 & Delaney Stekr ’18

webwofIMG_9188On May 6, two brave journalism girls and a mom drove three hours to reach their destination: Worlds of Fun Amusement Park. This odyssey began as a dream – a dream to ride both an adrenaline high and some roller coasters. Our savior, chauffeur and idol, Mrs. Julie McSweeney joined us as a roller coaster veteran.

The 235-acre park has more than 100 attractions, including seven adrenaline-inducing roller coasters, from the loop-de-looping Patriot to the high-speed Prowler. Seasoned daredevils and newbies alike can find something fitting for them at this family-friendly amusement park in Kansas City, Mo.

Because of the enormous size of the park, you could spend all day there and still have plenty to do. But if you ever need to stop for some pre-coaster energy, there are worlds of options. From Dippin’ Dots to Panda Express, there are plenty of options for snacks in between rides. We set off on our journey at 7 a.m., with one goal: to get the thrill of our lives. 

We reached the park after three hours of amazing tunes with slightly full bladders and completely full hearts. The smell of funnel cakes and the sound of “Uptown Girl” by Billy Joel overwhelmed our senses as we set off on our “journ”ey. (Disclaimer: because of the early hour on a Sunday that we got to the park, the lines were shorter than they normally are.)

The first roller coaster we tried was the Spinning Dragons located near the entrance of the park. The lines here were longer than most because only four people could go at a time, but the wait was well worth it, and the spinning ride was a great start to the day. Although we were slightly dizzy, we were determined to pack as much fun as possible into our agenda. 

webIMG_9198Next was the Patriot, Worlds of Fun’s red and blue inverted roller coaster. “Home of the brave” takes on a new meaning with this ride, but nothing made us feel more American than screaming at the top of our lungs as we flew out of our seats. Thank goodness for seat belts. If upside-down loops at high speeds are your thing, this coaster is the one for you. Plus, the line is super short, so you can go again and again. 

Finally, Worlds of Fun’s piece de résistance, tallest and fastest ride, the Mamba, is the main draw for roller coaster fanatics everywhere. 

As we slowly reached the peak of the ride, we looked at the 205-foot drop below us and then at each other, regret and fear in our eyes. The 75 mile-per-hour coaster then took us through drops so extreme we were literally out of our seats. As we shakily exited the ride, our only thought was “let’s do that again!”

We could have stayed at the park all day, but we wrapped up at noon high on ice cream and adrenaline. We used a limited time discount on our tickets and got them down to $45 per person, and this offer is available until June 17, so hurry up and make your way down to Missouri. 

The drive home was quick and easy, full of post-coaster naps and musical sing-alongs. If you ever have a free day during the summer, drive down to Worlds of Fun in Kansas City for a day you’ll never forget. 



Although they didn’t use the above mentioned discount, five members of the 2019 Yearbook staff spent an afternoon at Worlds of Fun on June 20 after attending a yearbook workshop.  If you want advice or tips on how to get the most of this short summer road trip, contact the reporters or Taylor Sterba ’19, Liv Ramaekers ’19, Lauren Elliot ’19, Lydia Delkamiller ’19 or Emily Diesing ’19.

If you have a fun Worlds of Fun memory to share, reply and let us know!


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