Cecelia takes the stage

By J1 Reporter Dianna Sledge

It is a lovely day in the Swiss Alps, and a single figure sings among the hills and the trees. Who is this mysterious person and why is she here? Maria, also known as junior Cecelia Fuller, is the lady prancing upon the green.

On Oct. 25, Marian opens the curtain for The Sound of Music, the school’s fall production. Now this will be no easy feat, especially for Cecelia, who had a non-speaking role during last year’s musical and in 2017 she was a chorus member and featured dancer. Suddenly, being the lead this year is quite the switch. With such a colossal shift, one might wonder how Cecelia feels under the new stresses of being the lead.

“It’s pretty crazy,” Cecelia said, “but getting to work with all the new people is super fun.” Cecelia makes it look easy, but with the musical less than three weeks away, there’s definitely more to it than meets the eye.

Being the lead in a musical, Cecelia noted a big time commitment, especially compared to her role last year.

“Every single night I try and memorize scenes and lines,” she said.  Last year, there was no need for her to memorize any lines or scenes so intensely because there weren’t any lines for her to say. This year however, she made a schedule that she follows to make it easy to recall lines quickly.

“Musical has not affected my homework dramatically because I’m so busy that I normally don’t have very much time to do my homework anyways, but it has affected it a little… it’ll start affecting it majorly because practice goes until 10. Normally I’m up until 11 or 12 doing homework,” Cecelia said  On top of that, she has rehearsals almost every day as well.

“We have practices Sunday through Thursday and I am at every single one of those practices… not always for the full three hours, but definitely for one or two,” Cecelia said. Rehearsals are abundant, but Cecelia knows for the show to run smoothly, she needs to put in all she’s got.

Cecelia also notices the pressure she’s under. She mentions that it’s a drastic difference as the lead.

“I have the most dances and the most singing and the most lines…Just memorizing them [lines] is just like a big step, but having all the lines and being able to interact with different people on stage is just so cool…” Along with lines and songs, Cecelia’s character requires the most costume changes, three out of nine are quick changes. Two crew members, Chrissy Gulseth and Nora Fitzsimmons, were recruited to help Cecelia slip into her next costume. She needs be ready for her scenes

Cecelia Fuller gets her costume adjusted by costume crew members Chrissy Gulseth and Nora Fitzsimmons. Photo by Dianna Sledge.

as fast as possible.  

Cecelia also said that she’s really hard on herself and she makes sure to get on top of memorizing as fast as she can. To get everything done, she needs to work remarkably hard.

The transition from a chorus member to the lead was a drastic change. “It’s a lot of work but I’m really excited to bring Maria to life,” Cecelia said. A tremendous amount of time and energy is required for this role, but Cecelia seems to be taking it in stride. 



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