Softball team isn’t striking out this season

Ellie Farner

Nothing could make for a more exhilarating high school experience than getting permission from your principal to toilet paper her house, right? Well, on Aug. 17, the softball team had this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity during a team bonding event.

Senior Olivia Rudloff called Principal Susie Sullivan and asked her if the softball team could TP her house and stick forks in her yard. In years past the team had TP’d the houses of coaches, but this year, they wanted to kick it up a notch and Sullivan gladly agreed to join in on the fun.

Aside from the seniors, no one on the team knew that Sullivan was in on the plan. They certainly didn’t know it was Sullivan’s house that they were TP-ing. The seniors told their teammates that the house belonged to their newest coach, Brett.

The players got out of the bus they rented for the night and began to TP and fork Sullivan’s house. They weren’t too far into it when she came out of her house and acted like she was furious. Sullivan took down their names, parent’s names and parent’s phone numbers. But, to make things even more exciting, her husband, who was in on the joke, came out of the house and threatened to call the cops.

Soon after, however, Sullivan let the girls know that she was in on the joke the whole time. This experience was a fun way for the team to laugh and bond—especially after they realized that Sullivan was not serious.

Freshman Danielle Schlader said, “It was scary at first but once they told us it was good.” Sullivan and her husband gave the softball players ice cream treats, and they all laughed about the experience.     

Varsity placed second at Metros on Monday, Sept. 10.

Freshman Alyssa Cathcart said, “We’re all so close to each other. We want to play for each other not for ourselves. That’s kind of what makes a team a team.”

Senior Katie Harris said, “I think last season we really struggled, but this year we bounced back and we’re working really, really well together. We’re keeping a good mindset throughout the season.”

Schlader said her favorite part about being on the team is being able to bond with the upperclassman. She said, “They are great leaders and they make it easy to have fun during the games.”


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