Marian falls for autumn

By J1 Reporter Katelin Kearney

          Autumn is the time of year filled with balancing homework in order to experience all of the outstanding festivities, even at Marian. As the leaves rapidly change colors, the spirit of the new season fills the halls. This new time of the year brings about remarkable anticipation for the pumpkin-filled hobbies.

          Along with the entertainment, mouthwatering smells of foods fill the cold, autumn air. However, hard-working girls at Marian must be able to manage their fall fun and homework load. Extracurricular activities and other sources of involvement can sometimes limit how often they are able to experience all the amenities of fall. As the confident women at Marian walk the halls, the love for the chilly season is evident in many of their hearts.

         “I normally wake up super early on the weekends to get my homework done so I have more time for fall activities,” senior Annie Foley said. With the love for the cozy time of year, fall fanatics will do just about anything to fully experience all parts of the season. Although the amount of homework and constant studying can at times leave little to no time, girls have found a way around the problem. Some students like Foley decide to quietly wake up earlier on weekends, giving them the rest of their days to encounter the season before it slowly drifts away with the chilly, autumn winds. However, others simply plan to do work in advance.

         “Keeping up with homework isn’t hard because I like to work ahead so I can have more time to do things,” freshman Annie Ellerbeck said.

         After the last bell rings, a weekend laced with wondrous autumn adventures is ready to begin. Numerous autumn sites and events happening around town fill the planners of many Marian girls.

         “I really like pumpkin carving, going to pumpkin patches, and watching Halloween movies,” junior Anne Hiatt said.

         “I love running in the cold air and making fall foods,” Foley said, “I love anything caramel, especially caramel apples.”

         With pumpkin spice and everything nice, there is no denying that the girls at Marian love to eat all sorts of foods. This idea reigns to be especially true throughout the autumn months. Sweet treats and warm drinks tend to be a few favorites.

         “My favorite fall foods are the sugar cookies from Pillsbury or apple cider,” Ellerbeck said.

           The chill in the air often shifts tastebuds into a warmer mindset. While the leaves blow throughout the fall skies, girls often enjoy sipping on hot drinks such as hot apple cider, pumpkin spice lattes, or hot cocoa.

         For many girls, seasonal changes into the fall months bring about a warm and loving spirit that race through the halls of Marian. These students are productive and practice working on time management in order to experience and live in each moment autumn brings. Some students appreciate all of the fall activities from carving pumpkins to running through the calm, gentle winds. The favorite foods from this theme of year each contain their own spice and tie into the joyous spirit of the season. Through each day, one thing is for certain- many girls at Marian have undoubtedly fallen for the warmth, cheerfulness, and spice that autumn has to offer.

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