The coffee conundrum at Marian… choosing sides

By J1 Reporter Maggie Timmerman

Coffee could be considered one of the most talked about things at Marian. Whether girls are talking about how much they love it, how much they hate it, or why it can’t be brought into the hallways and classrooms, coffee is almost all you hear about.

People like and dislike it for many reasons. For some, it can help them wake up and get them going for the day. Others find the taste repulsive and don’t want to put caffeine in their system. 

IMG_2167Around 73 percent of youth consume some form of caffeine each day, according to a study by Amy Branum. Coffee is commonly the source of this caffeine intake. How much caffeine is really too much, and how does this information change people’s opinions about coffee drinking.

Some people, such as Coffee Club moderator Mrs. Stacy Tunink, have a passion for coffee. “What is not to love about coffee. It is warm(or iced) happiness in a mug(or cup)” says the chemistry teacher. Tunink admits she is an avid coffee drinker and claims that she only has it on days that end in “Y”.

Coffee does have an effect on her. “This is where I admit that I am technically allergic to coffee. If I have too much caffeine during the day, by late evening my eyes get very dry and I can’t see very well.” Nevertheless, Tunink persists in her daily coffee drinking.

Tunink moderates the coffee club, which is a club that gets together to celebrate drinking coffee. The members of the group love drinking coffee and having an environment where they can chat about their passion.

Another avid coffee drinker at Marian is junior Emma Garriott. For Garriott drinking coffee is an everyday event. “I probably drink coffee about seven times a week”. She loves coffee and the only negative effect that comes from it is that she may feel sick if she doesn’t drink enough water to balance out the caffeine.

The one thing that seems to be the major agreement is that Dunkin Donuts is the best place to fulfill the coffee urge. “It is cheap or free and they give you a lot.”

Marin Mowat is another girl that drinks coffee, but not for the expected reasons. Marin only drinks coffee a couple times a week because she likes the taste. “I like to drink it at night because it is cozy” she said. Mowat says that caffeine has no noticeable effect of her, and that drinking it at night never keeps her up. Mowat also prefers just to make her coffee at home to save herself some time.

With every coffee lover, there is a coffee hater. Junior Payton Kirchhoefer is the biggest coffee hater out there. “I honestly just don’t like the smell or taste of it. I have had a sip of it possibly once or twice, and it tasted bitter and gross” she said.

When asked it there are any desperate times when she has needed to drink it, such as studying for finals, Payton replied with, “Heck no it’s gross”. To replace the feeling of coffee in her life Payton eats lots of junk food instead.

The only main problem that comes from drinking coffee as a teen may be an addiction to coffee. “Caffeine doesn’t have an effect on me. Sometimes I think I’m immune to coffee” Garriott says. It is the fact that we drink it so much that makes us immune to the effects.

“I am addicted because if I don’t have any I get a headache” Tunink says. This shows that caffeine addiction can be so strong that not having any makes things worse than drinking it everyday.

Coffee may wake you up but there may be more negative effects of drinking it that it seems. Too much caffeine can lead to abnormal heart beats, hallucination, and seizures. Too much caffeine could even result in death.

The problem with these facts is that they may be true, but many people still don’t believe them. Tunink and Garriott both agreed that the amount of caffeine does not discourage them from drinking coffee, it only encourages them to drink more.

Facts like these are hard to believe because they aren’t prevalent in their lives. It is hard to understand the potential effects that caffeine can have when everyone around you is unbothered by them.

People may wonder why one would want to still drink coffee when they know about the possible effects. For some, it is not a concern because they just enjoy a nice cup not only for the caffeine but for the flavor and warmth.

The feeling I get from drinking coffee is quenched and awake, and I enjoy it so much because it’s yummy and able to come in a variety of styles and flavors,” said coffee loving junior Cassie Wolf.

Not only can coffee negatively affect health, drinking it all the time could put a damper in bank accounts. With specialty drinks costing around 5 dollars, it is no wonder some people do not want to get into the habit of drinking it.

With all that is know and said about coffee, it is no wonder some people love it and some people. It can be a great improvement for some and for others it is a habit that is not worth taking on.

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