Your personal guide to a trendy, yet affordable closet

By J1 Reporter Maggie Mantini

Would you rather have a closet overflowing of sales rack items that you don’t particularly love, or a smaller closet of selective, valuable brands? The truth is, either stance you take as a shopper will require a great deal of strategy, technique, and taste. The desire to be a fashion icon, while still affording the necessities of everyday life, is a tricky balance that women often find hard to attain.

 The clothes you wear are an embodiment of your personal aura and a mirror of your character. With changes in the human-self and their surroundings, come changes in their individual style. Fashion imitates diversity, and it is an essential asset to society. Don’t fear! Your personal guide to an affordable, trendy closet is right here.

 Let’s begin with the basics. The most strategic way to shop is to primarily recognize simplistic pieces before indulging in any extremely detailed apparel. By purchasing many simple, self-explanatory pieces, you are then allowing yourself the freedom to put different items together until your ideal look is finally met. “Buy plain, affordable items and be able to accessorize them to make them work in any situation,” junior Eleni Patsalis said. In order to make use of every item you purchase, they must have the ability to be paired with a variety of different pieces to meet the standards of the event, such as a formal gathering or just a casual night out.

 One simple item can often take many roles. “My black belt ties together lots of different outfits whether I’m wearing pants or shorts or anything, it can make whatever I’m wearing seem complete,” said junior Kaelynn Eisele. Purchasing items such as a belt that can so easily be used to dress up or dress down are so useful to have in your closet. These type of pieces are powerful in the way they can be used over and over again for any type of occasion.

 In order to be an intelligent shopper, you must conduct a system in which you handle your things. An uncommon, but potentially helpful asset to your closet’s agenda is the “hanger rule”. This rule implies that you can only purchase what will fit on your hangers. Once investing in a new piece of clothing, you will get rid of an old one. This rule provides assistance in keeping your closet up to date and organized. 

 The old clothes you remove from your possession can also be sold, leaving you actually gaining money every time you purchase new clothes. There are endless online applications that allow you to sell your unwanted clothes and accessories. Some examples include Poshmark, EBay, or Shopify.

Another way to sell clothing is to pay a visit to your local Plato’s Closet. By bringing your unwanted clothing there, you will receive an amount of money in exchange for the items they decide to take from the collection you brought them.The quantity of the proceedings you gain depends on the brand and condition of the clothing, as well as the season it is meant to be worn in. 

  Society is largely inclined to desire the most expensive, valuable possessions and brands. However, many people fail to realize that they can most likely find the same or similar item for a much lower cost. Marian alum and current dance teacher Brooke Buda said “Don’t be afraid to dig at Marshall’s or T.J. Maxx… it’s worth it!” These stores sell an overwhelming amount of stylish clothes and products. The significant difference between these stores and regular shopping stores is that all prices are decreased from their original sale price. There are high end brands of clothing, purses, and cosmetics… the possibilities are endless! 

        Personalized fashion starts with a vision. Many people succumb to societal trends, while others are interested in the individualization of their style. 

    Having to wear the same plaid blue, five days a week, initiates Marian girls’ desire to make use out of their two days of fashion freedom. “On the weekends I love getting dressed up and putting together outfits because it’s the only time I really get to wear all of the clothes I have. I feel like if I got to wear my normal clothes everyday of the school week it would feel more like a chore to look put together, instead of something I look forward to,” said junior Kaelynn Eisele. 

 In order to be efficient with your fashion, it is important to find inspiration. From time to time, your fashion is likely to be influenced by different sources. “My style changes just about every week because I am constantly surrounded by fashionable college students that always have the latest trends,” said 2017 Marian alum and current University of Nebraska-Lincoln student, Anna Mantini. Anna’s style is largely determined by the settings she finds herself in and the people she meets. 

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    Whether your style is inspired by a person, art, or the media, embrace it. Fashion is the greatest form of self-expression there is. As Rachel Zoe once said, “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.”

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