Tacking Staff Diversity


Never Lying Nayah

by J1 reporter: Nayah Mbilain

     Many teaching positions open at schools, yet we don’t see a variety in the type of teachers we see. Throughout the years, many students graduate from high school without the opportunity to be taught by a teacher of different ethnic backgrounds, other than a language teacher. School diversity has been increasing as the years go by, but the staff stays almost the same.

      In recent years, schools are trying to make it their goal to increase diversity in students, but why not make the same effort towards their staff? And if they are trying, why haven’t the numbers change after all these years. The best chance for a student to receive a teacher of a different race is going to a public school. Although statistically speaking, there are more white people who go to school to be a teacher, schools can’t seem to find a way to get a more diverse staff other than language teachers.

      This can affect young and impressionable children. It may give them the impression that they are not fit to do a job like teaching. Children are not getting the message that teachers come in different colors and cultures. Some children might get the impression that teachers look a certain way, which can easily deter kids of different races from becoming a teacher. Without representation, children don’t get the idea of becoming a teacher in the future. They are easily convinced of becoming things like doctors, lawyers and engineers. That isn’t a bad thing, but it doesn’t improve the diversity for future staff.

    Teachers impact the way we think about things and socialize us to be comfortable with others. Kids consider adults their role models, so when they have no one to see themselves in, the diversity in teachers won’t be able to grow.

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