Upcoming Events

Caroline Drew

UNMC tie blankets

Last year Mrs. Susan Altman and several of her students organized a drive at Marian to fund the purchase of mass amounts of fabric in order to make fleece tie blankets for cancer patients at UNMC. Last year, 117 tie blankets were completed, with the fabric scraps being donated as dog toys for the Nebraska Humane Society. This year, in order to reach their goal of 200 blankets, the drive is back and bigger than ever. The drive will begin on March 12 and culminate in a blanket-making session on March 14. That may seem like a long time away, but get your best recipes ready for the school-wide bake sale this friday, Feb. 1, to raise money.

Dinner for the world

All across the Quad, seniors will enjoy an unusual lunch on Feb. 13. Some will be seated at finely dressed tables, enjoying a feast, while others sit on the floor and eat little if anything at all. This is the scene you can expect to see as the senior class participates in Dinner for the World. Dinner for the World is a simulation of global socioeconomic inequality meant to show students how the disparity of resources in the world affects others. Led by sociology teacher Mr. Tom Baker and senior theology teachers Mr. Mark Koesters and Mr. Kory Delkamiller, the simulation will coordinate with the senior Catholic Social Teaching curriculum while tackling global hunger discussed in Sociology II.

Toy Drive

When donations and festivities from the holiday season dwindle, the winter months can be especially difficult for children and teens with cancer. Lolo’s Angels wants to bring hope back into the lives of those struggling with pediatric cancer through their toy drive. Lolo’s Angels will be collecting money and toys in homerooms from Feb. 4 through Feb. 14. Children’s Hospital has requested specific items which Lolo’s Angel’s hopes to be able to donate. Some of the requested items include adult coloring books, pens or pencils and video games and video game systems.

“We give all the toys to the kids, and we do some crafts with them. It’s just a really positive thing that the hospital really appreciates, and it’s really cool for us to see a direct impact that we’re able to make on the community” – Macy Salerno, vice president of Lolo’s Angels Junior Board

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