Class Officers lead Marian Walk-A-Thon

By J1 Reporter Anna Voelker


Screen Shot 2019-10-09 at 9.05.26 AM.png
Class Officers, Callie Cavanaugh ’21 Anne Masek ’22 Katie Sulentic ’22 and Tory Roubidoux ’21 celebrate their class’ placements at the Walk-A-Thon dance party.



Marian’s annual Walk-A-Thon demonstrates unity, teamwork and togetherness. Throughout the grueling four-week process of nonstop competition, what most may not notice is the quiet leadership of just six individuals per grade. The class officers, who are elected by their
peers, play a large role during Walk-A-Thon by providing much needed motivation for their class. 

During Marian’s Walk-A-Thon, the class officers were there to add support and enthusiasm to the sometimes intense competition. Sophomore Cali D’Agosto was one of the many class officers trying to push her class to reach their final goal. “I like to try and send out class emails and make Walk-a-Thon fun. We had a dance party in the hallway one morning to try and get everybody motivated,” D’Agosto said. The sophomore class officers helped their class to exceed their goal. They finished in second place right behind the senior class. 

The freshmen may not have had class officers lead them but freshman Audrey Ehlers calls it a successful Walk-A-Thon. “It was hard not having class officers, but we came together as a class and achieved our goal.” The freshman did not have class officers, but they did have a confident class moderator to lead them through the process. Mrs. Linda Brock helped to guide the unknowing freshmen through their first Walk-A-Thon. “Mrs. Brock was really helpful during the process because she helped lead us through Walk-A-Thon, something we have never done before,” Ehlers said. With the help of Mrs. Brock the freshmen met and surpassed their goal by $5,819. 

The sophomore class officers were not the only leaders striving for Walk-A-Thon success; the junior class officers were right there with them. “I tried to encourage people in all my classes, and I wrote the motivational emails,” junior Katie Corpuz said. Although getting third place in Walk-A-Thon for the third year in a row was not ideal, the junior class officers still were very proud of the junior class. The juniors not only met their goal but surpassed it by $9,015.44. The juniors could not have met their goal without the help of the class officers. “I am really proud of our class for reaching our goal. This was our main goal and we achieved this. No matter the placement, we achieved our main goal,” Corpuz said. 

The senior class officers in their final year inspired their class and claimed the top spot for the second year in a row. Although in a close run with the juniors and sophomores, the seniors met their class goal and raised the most money. Senior Emma Johnson said the key to this success was not only encouraging her classmates, but making a real connection with them. 

To make sure the seniors reached our goal, we had to really connect with our class. More often than not, senior COs were traveling between homerooms doing everything from answering fundraising questions, to explaining incentives, to impressing the importance of reaching a goal, and to celebrating when that goal was exceeded,” Johnson said. 

As Walk-A-Thon comes to a close, it gives different classes new motivation and renewed hope for the future, but throughout the entire year there remains a constant. The class officers will be there to motivate their peers through the good and the bad times. 




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