Sibling rivalries during Walk-A-Thon

By J1 Reporter Rachel Achola

Walk-A-Thon (WAT) is Marian’s annual student fundraiser to help pay a part of the tuition for each student. The event has a large impact on the relationships within the Marian community. It brings individual classes closer as they fight towards their goal to win first place. 

Each individual has a personal goal and those add up to become homeroom goals. Each homeroom is responsible to bring in their goal which goes to the overall class goal. Each class has is then responsible for bringing in their class goal. The girls are motivated by prizes such as gift cards, parking spots, doughnuts, a day off of school, a Halloween movie day and this year the color WAT dance party.

Screen Shot 2019-10-10 at 11.30.58 AM
These are current juniors  at the color WAT dance party in 2017, their first color WAT

Senior Lucy O’ Brien, vice president of Student Board, is in charge of planning many aspects of Walk-A-Thon. “My favorite part about WAT is how we’ve made an interactive theme. Instead of just walking and getting a T-shirt, we get to have a dance party after, and it gives us more motivation to walk. It makes the whole day a lot more fun!” O’Brien said.

Since each class is competing against each other, it can lead to arguments between siblings as they fight over who gets what relative and who gets what houses first in the neighborhood. Junior Lexxi Olsen, who has a sophomore sister at Marian, said, “My grandpa gave me and my sister checks for WAT, but I took both.” The competitive spirit she shows towards her sister is obvious. “I was upset though because my parents then gave my sister $150 but didn’t give me any money.” But, she understood that she had to face the consequences of taking money that was intended for her sister. 

Junior Molly Monahan said, “When I was a freshman, my grandparents gave me 150 bucks but my sister and cousin now go to Marian, and they only gave me 20 bucks.” It goes to show how much harder she has to work just because her siblings attend the school. It can be hard to divide the money evenly between relatives. Both girls said that they have gotten used to the idea of losing to their sophomore sisters. 

Screen Shot 2019-10-10 at 11.31.50 AM
Molly M and Lexxi O show their dismay because lost to their sophomore sisters at WAT this year

That  did not make it hurt any less when they announced the results on Friday, Sept. 27th. Seniors took first place, the sophomores were runners up which left the juniors in third place and the freshman in fourth.  This may have happened because while the sophomores juniors and seniors were all neck and neck the juniors failed to meet two of their homeroom goals. The sophomores met all of their homeroom goals. Walking four miles was a major feat for the junior girls and they had their sophomore sisters rubbing it in their face. Bragging rights are a part of the WAT tradition. The tensions being heightened during the weeks leading up to the event, end up helping the students raise money for tuition. The competitive aspect of it all is just an added motivator. It keeps the girls and their sisters invested in bringing in as much money as possible.


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