Quaint Northern Michigan’s Paper Station Bistro

Reviewed By J1 Reporter Moira Hale

 If you are looking for a restaurant with a cozy environment and a variety of seafood, I recommend one-of-a-kind, The Paper Station Bistro, located in downtown Harbor Springs, Michigan. There was no wait because we had reservations, which are strongly suggested. Those coming without reservations could be disappointed as there is only a very small bar area and nowhere else inside to wait. Waiting could be done outside in nice weather, however the night we went was cold and snowing.  

My family of three and I were immediately seated and the server came over right away to find out what we wanted to drink. Our drinks came out quickly and we then placed our food order. I ordered the whitefish sandwich that comes on a brioche bun with lettuce, pickle and red onions, topped with house-made tartar sauce. It was a good portion, fresh and sweet tasting. The tartar sauce was good and the blue cheese coleslaw added a unique twist. The prices were very reasonable and not too expensive.

Screen Shot 2020-01-14 at 8.35.28 AM
Source: https://www.paperstationbistro.com

The restaurant is small and crowded, but overall the atmosphere was pleasing. Service was swift and efficient, although the restaurant was full. The atmosphere was cozy. There were a variety of tables and some with a bench on one side and then chairs on the other lining the wall. The restaurant was casual and comfortable. I would rate this restaurant a 9/10, due to the size and lack of waiting area. If you would like a restaurant with a cozy atmosphere, fresh food with a menu that has variety, in a quaint Northern Michigan location, then The Paper Company Bistro should be on your list. 


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