COVID cancels Twelfth Night, actors disappointed, but still optimistic

By J1 reporter Margaret Kelly 

twelth night posted ND
Performance Poster created by J1 designer Naomi Delkamiller.

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, Marian has halted all spring activities. Included in these activities are the spring play, and choir performances. This announcement brought disappointment to all those involved,- directors, performers, and stage crew alike. Weeks of auditions and preparation were tossed out the window, but it wasn’t pointless. 

According to the director Michael McCandless, who has directed 11 Marian plays,  “The work of the theatre begins weeks, sometimes months, before opening night. The audience sees the finished product on performing nights, not the hours of rehearsing scenes over and over again, refining dance and fight choreography, cast and crew balancing schedules of school, work, and family commitments… So, by the time opening night arrives everyone has invested countless hours to make what we do look easy.”

Mr. McCandless has both directed and performed in many plays and musicals over the course of his career, but has never had a show fully canceled before. “I’ve never had to cancel the entire production as a director. I’ve cancelled performances, due to inclement weather, in only two productions,” McCandless said.

Still, students are disappointed about the cancellations. “I am really sad to be missing the opportunity that the spring play would have provided me. This show was my first real role, and I was excited to get to widen my range onstage; however, I know that we will be able to put all our time and energy into the next show and hopefully make it one of the best ones yet and come back with a bang!” sophomore Josie Golka said. 

Golka is the only sophomore who has participated in every show during her time at Marian, including Twelfth Night. Yet those who have been affected most would be the seniors who do not get their final curtain call. 

“Obviously, I’m very sad to leave all of our hard work behind but I’m so happy to be able to look back at all the fun memories we’ve all had doing the plays and musicals. I will miss Marian theater. It brought a lot of joy to my life!” senior Cassie Wolf said.

Overall the attitude of those involved is disappointed, but optimistic for the future productions. To all the seniors, here is one last standing ovation for the road, thank you for every amazing performance and backstage conversation. You will be missed.


2 thoughts on “COVID cancels Twelfth Night, actors disappointed, but still optimistic

  1. Margaret this was a fantastic article! Thanks for sharing some behind the scenes insight into 12th Night. Definitely bummed I don’t get to see the show, but the hard work put in will not be forgotten!


  2. Thank you so much for sharing this! Obviously, as a cast member, I’m super disappointed, but I’m glad you got to shed some light on all the effort we put in!


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