Coffee Hotspots Surround Military Ave.


Whether it be hot, iced, or blended, Marian girls will never pass up an opportunity to get that extra boost of caffeine in the morning. Lucky enough for most student drivers, there are a variety of cafes to choose from that are in very close proximity to the school. A few of these shops that are in close proximity to the school are Scooters, Dunkin’ Donuts and Classic Rock Coffee. The latest addition to the list is Starbucks, which is being built just northwest of the Freddy’s at 72nd and Military. WEBcoffeemap

The addition of the Starbucks is not well known yet, but as the school year begins, it is bound to catch the attention of the Marian coffee-drinking crowd.

The current manager at the Starbucks on 114th and Dodge said that he believes the new store will be opening at the end of August or early in September. 

However, with other coffee shops near Marian having been present for longer than this Starbucks, the preference for some students might be to stick with the coffee option that they have become accustomed to in past years.

Junior Ryan Sully is one of these students who plans to stick with her usual coffee provider in the upcoming year. “I usually go to Dunkin’ Donuts because it’s pretty cheap. I have heard of the new Starbucks being built and I will be going to that but I will most likely stick to Dunkin’ because Starbucks is pretty expensive for many mornings before Marian,” Sully said.

That is also a factor that goes into choosing morning coffee: how the price of the drink compares with surrounding shops. At Classic Rock Coffee, a 16 ounce hot latte costs $4.50, and they also offer a 10 percent student discount if you have your student ID. At Dunkin’ Donuts, they have a 14 ounce hot latte for the same price and they too offer a 10 percent student discount. Scooters has 16 ounce hot lattes for $4.45 and, although they don’t have student discounts, they do send out punch cards as well as cards for either a free small drink or half off a medium or large drink. And finally, at the new Starbucks, you can find a 16 ounce (grande) hot latte for $3.65 and if you order using the Starbucks app, you can receive stars which can eventually add up and earn you a free drink.

Whether your biggest concern is price, menu size, or quality, Marian girls will definitely be able to find a coffee shop that best suits them for this upcoming school year.

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